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  1. Actually, that would make the Brute hardest to unlock, because you have to beat the game with the Iceskimo to get him. Plus, the Iceskimo is the last arena so you have to get farther in the game to even fight in that arena.
  2. Why don't we just have Dan tell us if it is a cat or a troll?
  3. They are definitely playable. Some of that stuff is just weird, not really a good reason to not be able to use them.
  4. Wow, I would have never thought of that. I guess The Behemoth really did not think that through.
  5. I also don't see the rubber handle, but if Dan says that it is the name, then it must be.
  6. Yes, that is true, but some people play video games to have fun, not work hard. Some people do play video games for a challenge, but if some one would rather cheat their way to 99 because they like to look at all their characters, or if they want it to be easier to play, then let them. I personally do not care if people use it or not unless they are going to lie and say that their 99 is legitimate. Besides that, let them do what they want since it does not affect the arena.
  7. I disagree because having too many knights would make it more like an army than just four heroes saving the world. It is better for it to feel more personal, like you are saving the world with a few friends. If you had like 10 knights, you just feel like a normal soldier in an army and that you are not contributing that much. Plus, there is only 4 player Co-op so you wouldn't be able to play with all of the knights if you wanted to.
  8. The Behemoth is making a Title Update to fix the problem. If you look in technical issues you will find that many people have this problem.
  9. Thanks for showing me that, but we still need to make it clear for new users. It would be helpful if people responding would actually vote so people would not have to read every post to find out. Since that is the official name, people should vote for it so that if new users want to know what the official name is, they can just look at the poll.
  10. It may not seem like a big issue to some people, but a lot of new members are having trouble figuring out that the Blood Stained Sword and Rubber Handle Sword are the same. As the official Castle Crashers community, I believe it is our duty to come up with an official name for this sword. Thanks to everyone who votes. Also, if you think there is a better name for the sword, then please post it.
  11. I have never heard of that glitch. Good find.
  12. I personally think that doing this is unfair. The point of the game to me is to dig and get gold to hurt the other player. Just killing eachother with shovels is not the way to win. I have lost too many times by the shovel when trying to play right, that I never play it anymore.
  13. They are all the same weapon. People started calling them different names and now no one has agreed on the one name to call it, which we should to make it less confusing.
  14. Do you mean all the animal orbs once or a pattern with repeated animal orbs?Would this include the DLC animal orbs?
  15. The wizard pawn and necromancer's mags are already known. They can be seen when fighting them. As for the Visorless Knight and the King, either they are going to be standard arrows and bombs, or something really awesome. I do like the idea that the King freezes people into gold, as said by some one, but i doubt that is it. As for the Visorless Knight, probably exactly the same as the Gray Knight, but hopefully. I am pretty sure that the wizard's magic is also shown. When fighting him and he turns red, he does his RT+Y, and when he turns blue, he does his RT+B.
  16. Animal orbs are definitely awesome. I think everyone is pretty excited to add more of them to their collection when the DLC comes out. I know that people feel good when they go into the animal ark and see it full.
  17. I am pretty sure it has to be 40 melee matches. I got my achievement at 45 wins and I know some people got it at about 56 wins, so just keep playing melee matches and you will eventually get it.
  18. i know there already was another one but it kind of died so i made a new one. i hope no one minds. i would just like to see how many people were dedicated enough to get the 200 gamer points.
  19. i decided that i would make it simpler for u and just ask if u can make the industrialist in whatever way u want, but u can still use my other idea for a signature if u want. thanks if u do make it.
  20. in my opinion the best thing to do is to max out one attacking stat, so either magic, strength, or agility. then i max out defense. having a high attacking stat will make the game much easier because u can kill enemies faster, and defense is important so u dont die. most ppl i no that max out 2 attacking stats end up dying a lot and its not necessary to b able to attack enemies with two different kinds of attacks most of the time. so basically max out agility, magic, or strength, and then max out defense.
  21. can u make me the industrialist and the brute with their weapons interlocking and have vines and thorns behind the brute hitting razors behind the industialist like their in a deadlock. for the razors i mean the Y attack not the X. mayb even the X attack razors and acorns raining from the sky. sorry i just had this idea. u can make it simpler if u want.
  22. i did give an opinion on the movie. i said the quality was bad and that the industrialist should not be a hick. since when were cops associated to hicks anyways. i was just voicing my opinion, i didnt think it would b such a big deal. mayb i was watching the video while doing history hw, well sorry thats what my mind thought at the time. if u want honest opinions then ill give u mine, but if u want me to just kiss ur balloon and tell u how amazing it was then say that.