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  1. iPod touch doesn't support flash or a lot of java script.
  2. If you've never picked up another weapon as alien can you get weapons from the frog?
  3. Yeah, if they don't know much coding it could just use touch control. Somebody start the palidin signal!
  4. I'm glad people like the idea.
  5. Tucker6o


    As crap. I hope that after this I don't get 50 messages saying I'm a copycat =[
  6. Banned because he made fun of a noob
  7. I like to play arena online. Leveling up is good for winning =] Its also easier to help others beat insane necromancer if your 99.
  8. Has the Behemoth ever thought of porting missile mastar to the ipod touch??? I woukd pay 2 bucks for it. And it wouldnt take to long. Also it would be easy funding for there next game. If not missile master than how about the PDA game. It could be offline only or 4 player wifi. Or maybe something completely new??? Plz no posts about castle crashes/AH touch itsnot gonna happen. Also dont say but behemoth works for microsoft. Microsoft has released apps for the Ipod touch.
  9. I hope they make a B.C. game(or B.C.E). Ive always wanted to bash some dinosaurs as a 2D cave man =]
  10. Hey would anyone like to help me try to recreate this?? It sounds awsome.
  11. Tucker6o


    Do you take requests? If so how about a chuck norris crasher???
  12. banned for being named sniggle
  13. I thought somebody confirmed he was dlc after the leak.
  14. 4V4 arena The volleyball match as a seperate level Boss Fight Reverse fight[You play as a boss(a.k.a. spider wizard) and have to kill the as many knights as you can] Those are my ideas.