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  1. Zarlighttusk due to his work on the castlepedia wiki.
  2. Zwolf11


    found your server today by accident and left you a sign so that you could bask in my glory
  3. I just downloaded and started playing it today. Saw it on seems really fun, but I suck at mario so I'm only on the first castle. I'll have to play it co-op with my friends later to see if I can get further. Pretty good so far, but I assume it gets better the further you get.
  4. sorry, there's no screen stretching for me, but then again, my screen resolution is 1366x768
  5. Fearsome behemoth kills everything in its path. Also, it makes games. Is Dan a /b/ tard? If so, I have a message. You just lost the game. So many faces; so many weapons to boot. I'm grenade throwing kitty! A friend named Hatty, a mysterious island; wait, is that a cat?!? If I win the prize, can I get Dan's signature? On the shirt, of course. How many entries? I feel I'm the only one. Am I annoying? I'm freezing right now. If only I had a shirt, I'd be much warmer. I have a question; what's Dan's favorite pokemon? I bet it's Squirtle. I've entered a lot. Am I more likely to win? I highly doubt it. See my avatar? I love BBT a lot. I deserve a shirt. These are the ones I've submitted on Twitter so far. I'll update as I think of more.
  7. Click for high res Ooh, that looks good. The lines aren't quite up to your normal standards but it still looks great! I think I'll stick with my old avatar for now though. I have standards? haha
  8. Would've looked better if you hadn't started with the pyramid head. well I was trying a bbt themed one, do you suggest a different head shape to start off with or just making one from scratch?
  9. ugh, this turned out awful . I do have an excuse though, I had to start off with a pyramid head, so it limited me Click for high res
  10. damn, I suck at dragons eh, I shall try anyway
  11. sorry, didn't realize that anyone had posted anything, I'll get on that right away. Do you want the faces to be circular or cylindrical or square or what? EDIT: here's what I got, what do you want me to change?
  12. you're like the best artist on these forums yet you get a huge lack of comments. SO....nice work! EDIT: also, I was just looking through some of your old stuff and saw that you already made a battle block theater animation that is 300x better than my stuff. I now see how pointless my venture is
  13. hmm...26? what can I do for 26? OH! abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  14. If Miranda Cosgrove and Jeff Foxworthy (Foxworthy being armed with a trout of course) got into a fight, who would win?
  15. I frown upon your thread but seriously, it's more likely that The Behemoth is going to release new information on their website rather than a thread on the forums. But nice try anyway.
  16. I made a new sig from my BBT stuff I've been working on I think it turned out pretty good, what do you guys think?
  17. thanks dude, i can use it as my avatar right? yes ma'am