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  1. tyinyk

    Beta Data

    When the second Beta happened, my data carried over like this too. and while I haven't purchased it yet, I think it will still affect me. Which I do not like, I had terrible luck with my unlocks.
  2. I don't think I needed a clock to tell me how long until the release.
  3. Except it went ACB, not ABC. So we can only assume it will go ACBE. Then ACBED.
  4. Or, Canadian Currency isn't worth as much at this time. Not sure, I haven't looked at the exchange rate, but that seems probable to me.
  5. 1. Don't double post, there's an edit for that. 2. They have no idea how many will be bought, so they can't possibly make extras. 3. They don't decided where PAX goes.
  6. I don't want a CC2. Maybe an extra level Dlc fo CC, but not a sequel. I'd like to see a fresh formula.
  7. It's amazing how often that happens to me.
  8. He's lying. I played the beta too, but I have no idea of the release date. Maybe you should have payed more attention.