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  1. Wow now THAT is bold. Awesome art tho!
  2. This might help you out. Even Mecha is helpful nowadays. I don't believe so. It should just be that you revive everyone your playing with at least once. Did you try more than once? http://castlewiki.castlecrashers.com/in ... itle=Medic
  3. Nice Barbarian. Also, Brickforge and Brickarms are pure win for legos.
  4. It think it would have to be extensively modified, but having some form of CC app for iPhone would be awesome. Honestly I would be playing it all the time if i had it on my iTouch
  5. YES YES AND MORE YES Also, Feel Good inc. by Gorillaz How You Like Me Now by The Heavy
  6. Daft punk. robot rock and one more time are UNREAL to say the least
  7. Agreed. It takes quite a while to code, draw, and animate each individual attack, so I'm guessing they wanted to keep things simple. Keep in mind, it is only an Arcade game...
  8. I agree thats why i sold my xbox and bought a ps3 but i miss castle crashers soo much *Gasp* why. would. you. EVER?
  9. Nice info. You should help out on the wiki (wink wink non nod)
  10. I'm confused. Why wouldn't smilies count as smilies if they're called smilies? agreed...