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  1. June 25th at 13h50pm.. actually, I was born at that exact time and date so I guess, it would be pretty ironic if it would happen that way. Hey, you never know...
  2. just want to mention that this is basically what I've been doing for weeks now and it has been working great. I've played countless hours online with a friend and this still works every single time. I never loose anything and my progress is saved and continues at each games I play.
  3. You guys don't know this trick yet? Start Castle Crashers. Once you are at the title screen, hit the xbox 360 button. Press X to sign out. Sign back in. That's it. start a local or multiplayer game and all your character levels, unlocks, weapons and animal orbs are all functionnal. This works because if you were to go play at someone's place, you could that way get access to all your characters and play them at someone's house.
  4. Can you provide the same wallpapers but in widescreen resolution. my desktop is set to 1680X1050 and having widescreen options of those wallpapers would be amazing, even if it was to fill the rest of the screen the same color as the background. thanks,
  5. Interesting piece of information. I actually didn't start a game myself as soon as I saw all my characters back to lvl 1. Maybe if I log in and out I'll be able to retreive them.
  6. I lost all of my data last night as well. It's frustration. More so because I don't have the time like some of you kids have to play and get everything back. Unlock the majority of you, I have kids, jobs, responsability. When I get a few hours of gaming, I like to have fun. I had fun with Castle Crashers until last night. I'm not going to touch Castle Crashers until the patch that fixes those issues. I just don't have the time to loose my data again. Should we be entitle to compensation? I really don't know. In one hand, I do not believe The Behemoth has the financial strenght to refund people (anyway, as it says on the Xbox live marketplace, items on not refundable) or start giving freebee to people. I highly doubt it. What would make my day is if Someone over there would either email me or better call me to appologize. That would be class act right there. But again, doing so individually for everyone that had problems is a tromendous task. The Behemoth will have to settle at fixing the game as fast as possible and deal with the image and reputaiton that the current situation has brought over them. And this is coming from someone who has bought Alien Hominid HD, Castle Crashers, Figurines and T-Shirt from their store to Encourage them to continue to create great games.
  7. My Lost Data. With the xbox price drop, I went abd purchase an Elite since I needed the bigger hard drive and my current Xbox 360 didn't have an HDMI port. BUT, I called Microsoft to get them to send me the transfer cable so I can transfer data from Mu 20GB to my new 120GB. Keep in mind I have NOT done the transfer yet. What I did is plug my 20GB hard drive into my new Elite. So I'm using a new Xbox Elite, but still using the old Hard drive (until I get the transfer cable). So Everything works fine with the Elite. I started Castle Crashers, wanted to continue to level up one of my characters so Is tarted a local game. On the character screen I've notice that I had lost all of my unlocked Characters. I only had the 4 starting knights and they were all LEVEL 1. I did not went and "authorized" my games on the Xbox website yet to use with my new xbox because I didn't want to do it until I had everything transfered to the new Hard Drive. So Even though My new console is connected to Xbox Live, I lost my data.
  8. To answer your question, no the price point is irrelevant to the fact that a single person did the art and animation. If that is the case, it actually cost The Behemoth less money since they didn't have to add people on the payroll to do so. No the 1200mspts is more in line with the actual length of the game, the features, the multiplayer aspect of the game and replayability.
  9. Looking at this survey is making me realize that me and you are maybe getting old in this universe
  10. the game is an actual gem. You guys don't know classic gameplay when you see one Anyway, we, old farts, knows and love those games. I liked the original NES game so this was a no brainer for me.
  11. no one really knows. All we know is that on the 26, there is a picture of alien hominid. My guess is that this will be the alien hominid game night so people can catch up and play online with some people. I doubt a price drop is in order.
  12. As a fellow canadian and late adopter of Alien Hominid, I'd be interested in trying the multiplayer potion of the game. I never played online though. I'm not even sure if you can play the actual game or have to play one of the mini games online. I probably suck also since I've only completed the game on easy (but should be able to do it on normal).
  13. Mine came as my nickname back in college. Even today, most of my friends from college know me by this name and have no clue what my real name is. It's actually a short version of the start of my last name. It's french and should be pronounce like "Gibs". I had a lot of laughs the first time I heard americains pronouce it over xbox live during the xbox live beta...
  14. bought it a few months ago, while waiting on Castle Crashers. I missed the game the first time it was released on XBLA. the game is indeed hard. I regret not getting the game at release because there is no one playing this online anymore. Great game. got to finish it at easy, now working on finishing it at normal. got a question, if I just play the last level (boss) on normal and beat it, will I get the achievement for finishing the game on normal or do I have to replay all levels on normal to get the achievement ?