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  1. Just want to say that if u want to really do a faq, go to mycheats.com, then start the superguide. I can't i have school to worry about, but any1 who has the scoop should get it dun over there
  2. SwitchDeath


    I know u guys arent, but using common sense is something I am learning to use more often, and it seems like after selling more copies of the game on the first day than the rest of the xbla games out right now, I would think that they would be against putting dan away in hibernation. At the very least I expect them to be bought by another company, or make 1 more game and say it was the last. I am not blasting u, behemoth, just saying that if history is any indication, then you guys are making another game.
  3. Well, getting a single achievement in AH is ez, beat the first lvl, but i agree denivire, I heard that too. The good news is that the game comes out tommorrow, so they can tell us then.
  4. SwitchDeath


    Dude, do u think the behemoth will just stop making games now that CC is out? I would bet most of my savings that they already have or are working on ideas for their next game(s). I wouldn't be surprised if they have started on one already.
  5. I had the game for the ps2, and when i got a 360 I was like, yes, the next gen! but when cc got announced, and i learned you needed an achievement to get him, I was pissed. SO i guess I just was trying to convince myself that I could get him another way. So, seeing as to the fact that my bf has AH, I decided that I would go to his house, download my tag, then proceeded to beat the first lvl and get an achievement. But, I forgot how fun the game is, so I will be beating it over there soon. If I don't get AH, I will just play as him at my bf's house anyway, so I'm covered. I am NOT trying to be cheap, I just don't have the income to get AH and CC, along with Gears 2 and Fable 2, and Star Was, TFU, and Left 4 dead, all together. So...I found a loophole?
  6. I just want to clear this up, because either everyone knows except like 5 ppl, or no one who knows wants to waste their time to do this. 1) AH can be unlocked immediately upon booting up the game if an achievement has been tied to your gametag ( if you have an achievement for HD, dummies). Dan says that in the CC announcement. Read, guys... 2) You CAN unlock AH without having an AH HD achieve. first. (he can be unlocked even if you just got you XBOX yesterday, dummies) Once again, Dan says this in either 1 or 2 topics/forums/posts. Now, stop yer whinin'!
  7. SwitchDeath


    I did that newgrounds icon game thing, and made one that I think portrays me rather well. (hehe...) I was going to make a cat impaled by a sword, but that might be a breach of their rules or something on the forum. If I was dan, when they came out with avatars, I would have someone (or even someone from the behemoth...or even myself, I don't know my own strength(s) ) make some CC figures 3D and sell them as pre-made avatars. I know I'd pay.
  8. What I'm hoping for is that when you hit lvl. 99 you unlock insane mode, not after you beat the game. That way it would keep the game balanced, because I know ppl who would get to lvl. 99 b4 they beat the game, then they have to wait until after they beat the game to go up a difficulty (myself included). So perhaps they included a difficulty scaling during the game, like in Star Wars: TFU. And for any1 who hasn't played that demo, it's under TFU, not Star Wars. I have beat it 14 times and am still playing it.
  9. found the level, it's in a game spot vid. at E3, hold on, lemme get the link. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/ ... os;title;6 Look as they come out of the castle and fight their first guys, it's at 2:40 to like 3:00. Watch the orange guy.
  10. What if the green and yellow knights were to play together, blasting their fire/acid walls, stabbing with thiner pitchforks, and going really slowly.....angry group of ppl that will kill you, is more like it.
  11. Guys, Guys, GUYS! The girls don't have to kiss! If you were to play as a girl, and fight for the princess and win, she could just go up to the princess and give her a 'i feel your pain' hug. Simple. But I think I speak for all of us men when I say that although you cannot put it in the game under a T rating, a girl kissing a girl is what we want to see. Ho Ho Ho!
  12. I only have one last question for anyone who can answer it. I know that you can reset the character data when you get to lvl 99 if you want to start over, but here is my question. 1 (and only) ) When you finally hit lvl 99, do you kill everything in one hit (insane mode excluded)? Or could you even play through normal mode without saying,"There's another boss...and another...blechh..."? From what we have seen with the lvl 15 guys destroying (some of the) the bosses, I thought this was a reasonable enough question to ask.
  13. I don't think I am allowed to moderate...is age a restriction, or a gift of more time on my hands? PM me, I have more time than I can use.
  14. I don't think they work for dan... Emil told me every1 has like 20 jobs at the behemoth, and he was a supervisor, among other things. But regardless, I would rather work WITH dan than under him. All I would be sure not to do is cramp his style. LOL peace. But I think the point of their little masquerade is to make the point that big things come in small packages (no pun or joke intended). If not, when I turn 16/17/18/after college, count me in, broskie's! As I will be majoring in computer programming so I can write source code and AI and stuff (like tom, among the others). I have allways been good at math...heheh....
  15. Guys, I was showing my friend the castle crashers videos on game trailers when I stumbled across this cool find. In case no one found this already, here it is! This is sweet! Item radial, anyone?