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  1. i know, but these are any ideas =P not just multi player matches
  2. Hello CC Fans, just wanted to know some of the great ideas that you could wish or dream of in the game. Just to think how much more fun it would be or if its as good as it gets. And if something you think of might no work explain what would make it work Some of my thoughts are... 1.) More levels or mini-Games 2.) Choose own type of magic/custom character (looks etc...) 3.) Wave Mode/ Were waves of monsters just keep coming after another 4.) no limit to levels OR no Limit to the stat bars. 5.) Combo magic/ when in co-op two people with diff or same magic can fuse magic into bigger powerful blast. 6.) Characters to talk or even just to say something in letters (does not have to be words) well those are just some cool things to have or add to me. lemme see what you can come up with =D
  3. will there ever be a 2nd story to this awsome game? or a lot of new addons such as levels?
  4. jonano


    whats it stand for?
  5. ok so if i delet the castel crashers do i have to buy it again to re download? cuz i bought it. so if i delet it and then re download it it will work? wtf confused
  6. boomerang thingy my friend told me about but is there a way? can i do it ?
  7. how do i delet the patch? or cant i? if so pleaseeeeeeeee telll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee