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  1. So basically a video of me getting my butt kicked in ball game. Also there might have been a render issue as you can see by the seemingly low quality of the video. Can I still get a like and some subscribers though? :3
  2. banned for banning others for not breaking the fabric of time.
  3. Space Jam + Fist Of The North Star = 100% Pure Epicness
  4. Well if you don't like dunking, then there shall be no dunking. Send me an invite when you're ready to play.
  5. *woot* Got the doughnut head, time to check out the featured arena. :]
  6. Watch Akira(movie), Welcome to the NHK, Samurai Champloo, Angel Beats!, and Baccano! These animes are classics.
  7. Whoops just noticed my Xbox was on, I can't be on now though. I'll send you a friend request. Let me know when your up for a 1v1 match.