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  1. Monkey Mars


    Minecraft is free for the weekend. Go play it.
  2. Monkey Mars


    I get scared in this game too easily. Probably because I'm so jumpy when I'm in a cave
  3. Monkey Mars


    I play eet, and stopped since all I can find are anime songs. I've played Ouendan, EBA, and Ouendan 2.
  4. Ugh, downloading this game took so long and it wasn't even worth it since it crashes when done loading any map
  5. I beat Mother 3 three times.
  6. I've play on the bhop and deathrun server, but I have never gone to the lobby server
  7. Gmod + Timesplitters 2 Virus mode
  8. Never played it, I just play GMod Tower and Deathrun. (I need to visit more servers)
  9. Only thread I found was in 09, any others were in off-topic. Plus isn't bumping a really old thread bad?
  10. Back from doing nothing, can I have a recap on what has happened on this forum?
  11. Because all the threads I searched for are dead, I decided to make one. Anyways, Garry's mod is a awesome game, go buy the orange box and this game and you're good to go.
  12. Elite beat agents is fun, But I like the Japanese version (Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan) A bit better . And of course, Pokemon is fun but repetitive.
  13. My bro sold my account for gold. It was a level 70 paladin Before WoTLK.