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  1. One, you could lick them if you're really brave. (I'm lying, of course. IF YOU LISTEN TO ME YOU DESERVE TO BE GERMIFIED.)
  2. Someone with magic like Red Knight's... But with unlimited mana.
  3. Because an incredibly slight quality change for hundreds of extra dollars is a wise investment. I spent a few thousand on my new ROBOTIC CYBORG GOAT-GOD EYES . Now I can see even worse than before!
  4. As soon as I got this from the generator, I knew it would be the next huge gaming craze...
  5. guise i did soem animatin stuf 4 dat old gaem idea null bigger one:
  6. Your hardly-related story made me realize something: That I am actually comprised of many bees.
  7. Since you used "you're" instead of "your," I get to destroy you. Simple as that.
  8. I drew Hatty from BBT. Are you guys proud? (
  9. Its not just body shape, its armor and clothing too. If you're in a battle, you don't want to be wearing something that only covers 20% of your body (and honestly, most people won't be aiming for that 20%. They'll be going to somewhere easier to hit, like the stomach, legs, or arms.)
  10. Not much point seeing as they're almost dead. The last chance this forum really has is if BBT (if it ever comes out, which doesn't seem likely) attracts a new flock of people who stick around.
  11. I got into the DotA 2 beta. Its pretty amazing. Also I'm really sick of gender stereotypes, especially in games. Men always have to be muscular and as masculine as possible (unless they're an old wizard). Women always have to have over 50% of their skin revealed at all times for some reason. Honestly, scantily clad female characters make me want to play the game less. It seems pathetic. And it also completely breaks any immersion a game has when you see a character in "armor" that only covers a small portion of them. (I'm not complaining about the characters in DotA, which are actually pretty varied)