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  1. hey guize cheque dis owt itz a blawg were i m gona post feces i m amin 4 at leest one evry dai
  2. So I apparently had a virus or something that was making my mouse move erratically across the screen by itself (even when the mouse was plugged out), so I ran 3 virus scans. One of them detected nothing, the other two had a few results. But the weird thing is, the mouse movement stopped before the scans were done. I'm pretty confused.
  3. The only snow we've gotten this year was right AFTER school on a weekend. And it lasted like a day.
  4. I don't care about the Purple Knight. At all. I'm still waiting for BBT, and I'd rather not have CC stuff slowing it down (if it isn't, then go ahead and work on that CC stuff, but I still won't care about it) Muffins.
  5. Among others. Eh. Not really. got out of your cage again. GET BACK IN THERE. Haven't played it personally, but I saw one of my friends play then quite a bit ago. They looked pretty fun.
  6. Tough luck. Bioshock Infinite will be the first Bioshock in the series to not be set in Rapture. ... 1307632901 Bioshock did not make up the word Rapture.
  7. Snivy because the grass starters are always the best. Always.
  8. I am disappoint, game industry.
  9. why was the tommy gun in the game where you can use the mini gun? Because the mini gun runs out of ammo fast.
  10. Nice to see you btw Oh, that... Thing. I prefer breadfish. And thanks, Love. C: Someone ELSE who has seen the Breadfish?! NOT POSSIBLE
  11. Actually, what has caused it to spread so much is a glitch.... If it weren't for the copy glitch it would just like any other game with a small amount of hackers, instead of the majority of the community. Just saying... The glitch would then be the spreading of it, not the hack itself.
  12. Why would you think anyone considers it a boss? Its just something to mix it up.
  13. I got bored so here's some pixel art.
  14. I like how they used 8 bit music when it clearly isn't even close to being an 8 bit game.
  15. You make me laugh, TFK. I mean, its totally impossible that the next Nintendo system is going to have good games and graphics, right? I mean, the Gamecube didn't do that. Neither did the N64. And the reason why there's so many "remakes" of games featuring Zelda, Mario, Kirby, etc? Because they're literally some of the best games out there, and each new game adds something new (unlike, for example, Call of Duty).
  16. This might actually happen. Tim confirmed he was ready to work on Psychonauts 2, and while Double Fine is currently split into smaller projects, the one that Tim is working on hasn't been revealed yet. hope hope hope hope hope
  17. So all games should be the same and follow the same rules? That seems a little boring to me but if that's how you like your games then I can't change your opinion. Pikmin should follow Starcraft rules because they're both RTS games. And all shooter games should follow the same rule- OH WAIT
  18. Is it kinda like how those chipmunks were dragging away my neighbor's son the other day?