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  1. ... 620nf3.png Me (fer shazzle) and drunken feedle beat Castle Crashers on intense yesterday! (happy time) I'm willing to help anyone who needs it on intense (The picture was drawn in 4 minutes so don't complain about how bad it looks )
  2. I can't believe I forgot that! I'm sorry dan I fixed it
  3. Beating the Painter over and over again. You get lots of moneys too
  4. I got bored again, so I made a second picture for this. Which one do you guys like better?
  5. I was hoping for original stuff like this And its still not done
  6. Welcome to the League of Sophisticated Villains. I made this so that people can create their own Castle Crashers villain (and, I was really bored) The only rule is that they must be at least as sophisticated as the ones in the picture above. And you have to include a picture (It is fan art, after all) I'll be posting mine soon (Its not done yet )
  7. GT: fer shazzle I need to beat insane.. but my Industrialist is only level 38 right now Add me and I should be higher level soon, or you can help me level