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  1. Horse horse horse. It was rad while it lasted. I am the only sentient non-human here. Not really. I prefer Western cartoons over pretty much any anime. (Bobobo is the exception)
  2. To give you an honest response, it's really bad. Really. Bad. You get queasy, and lose balance. You feel a strong urge to vomit. Kind of a pressure-y sensation in the worst sense possible. Hehe, great. Its why I always wear solid steel plated pants. Like a knight, but mine are thicker.
  3. Especially the stupid tripping mechanic they added.
  4. lol, SSBB is a child's fighting game competitively compared to SSBM. I haven't been in touch with this game in particular for years but if I remember correctly even M2K, one of the best SSBB players, thought it was extremely simple compared to when he played Melee. Brawl was designed for casual play. Don't go thinking you're a fountain of knowledge of fighting games because you play it. I just have to say that even though everyone claims SSBB was "dumbed down," I still find it quite a bit more fun (as in: SSBM feels really dull compared to it) to play.
  5. Going by your name, I assume you play Kirby. And then you go and claim you are good at SSBB. Teehee. Edit: That's like saying you're good at using magic in CC because you play the Red Knight.
  6. I don't have it. Feel free to buy it for me. ASDFJKLOL! Next question... How much wood could a wood chuck wood, if a wood chuck could chuck wood? This:
  7. I don't have it. Feel free to buy it for me.
  8. You're darn right it is. Here's a full comic for you to mutilate.
  9. An inside joke? Nope, I just added the arms and face to the tree because otherwise it wouldn't contain an unfunny joke AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT.
  10. ... 4bonus.png Teehee.
  11. so cute. C: i think that 90% of what you draw is somehow adorable. Thaaaaaanks, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  12. I updated that picture I was working on yesterday:
  13. It looks amazing. Can someone make me an avatar just showing the two hugging just like in the picture? I tried doing it but it looks crapy. Like, I want the same picture, but resized. This isn't the whole picture, but it shows all of both of them:
  14. I finished that picture I posted in the sketch thread: Not that anyone cares haha. I like how the colors came out.
  15. This picture is not done yet butt it will be soon:
  16. You missed the word, "apparently". I don't actually think your argument is void, I'm going with what your logic dictated when you claimed that my argument is destroyed because of a personal remark. For one who acts so condescendingly about English literary tools, you aren't seeming to catch a lot of the things I'm saying. For someone who attempts to act like I don't know what English literary tools, you sure are pretty bad at recognizing English literary tools. This sentence structure confuses me and I don't understand what it's saying. I'm not sure if you're reading what I'm reading but like I said earlier, I've barely known anybody that could do a halfway decent juggle who is like that. That hasn't changed in the past 8 months. I'm not sure if you're reading what I'm reading but like I said earlier, I've barely known anybody that couldn't do a halfway decent juggle who is like that. That hasn't changed in the past 8 months. Elaborate on why you think this is apparent. See what I wrote under the first quote. I hope you know that that doesn't change a single point I made. Actually, it does. You claimed that I must be going up against the same people who just happen to be amazing jugglers. So, you're either telling me that there are over 20 people who are amazing jugglers, and I happened to go up against no one but them, or that I went up against the same people a lot more than 1-4 times. Statistically, both of these are incredibly unlikely. So, what I suggest you do, is pack up your flawed arguments, pointless personal attacks, and your giant ego, and go find something more constructive to do with your time than spend a full third of your posts in a topic about juggling, which has already been proven unfair several times, and therefore, all of your efforts here are completely worthless. I had respected you somewhat before. I'm afraid I can't say that I can now. Have a good day, I won't be posting in this topic anymore since I have to attempt to get some sleep tonight, and also since I know that you can't make an effective argument without insulting me.
  17. I guess you never noticed how I have all 12 achievements. I've used juggling in the story mode before. It gets boring fast.
  18. Yes, you are pretty good at it. And if my whole argument is void, than a whole 1/3 of your posts are worthless. Congratulations. I suggest you go and read what I stated again. 8 months ago, when juggling was even newer, and they're juggling over half someone's HP most of the time? That totally means that no one can do it consistently by now, especially since most everyone who could do it then had less than 100 matches played. So, if what you're trying to tell me is that everyone who plays the game nowadays has the learning capacity of a candy bracelet (but has even worse social skills), and can't learn to juggle as well as people could 8 months ago, then sure, your argument works. Otherwise, it doesn't. I know what an exaggeration is. You apparently don't. Again, with not fighting people more than 2 times, that is another general estimate. It could be anywhere from 1-4 times.
  19. Oh sorry, I forgot that you remembered the names of all the people you fought and the health they brought you down to 8 months ago. Yeah, that was a huge flaw in my argument that didn't cross my mind. Here's a tip, an argument isn't flawed because you say it is. You need to use actual reasoning to make a claim like that. Yeah, not like I made a post on the top of this page with multiple things being discussed or anything. Nope, Blabbity pointed our attention to one of my sentences that's apparently flawed so now nothing else exists. I don't think you could possibly be more condescendingly ignorant. hurp durp i am lydonius n i cant undurstand estimates. Do you honestly think I remember everyone I fought? Its almost like that's why I listed no names! But you know, doing general estimates are absolutely FORBIDDEN in ANY CONVERSATION EVER. Because if you do, then that means YOU WERE NOT AN EYEWITNESS TO THE CRIME. And by eyewitness I mean someone who got to enjoy being juggled in anywhere from 80-120 arena matches. I called it a flawed argument because it was. If people who do not have thousands of wins, or even matches played, not even 100 matches played, can juggle and take away half your health, that OBVIOUSLY means that they can't do it. In fact, they secretly juggled you 6 times instead of the one time that it clearly was. I ignored the rest of your silly "information" because it meant nothing. I did not want to have to waste time replying to all of it, which would have be stuff said numerous times before. So I decided to focus on the part that I felt like replying to, and was easily counterable, and disproved many points already brought up in this thread ("Juggling takes skill, and you need practice, blah blah"). It was THREE sentences, and one word that was left out because you hate it. Counting is a good skill to have. I thought you could form correct and effective arguments, but apparently I was wrong. You had to attack the opposing side personally, which not only lowers your disposition with several members of the community, but also makes your argument much less effective, since you are obviously biased towards one way. Also, look at your profile. 50/153 posts here. I congratulate you on dedicating your time to arguing a worthless internet argument, all of your work on which has been thrown away by your post quoted above.
  20. You're exaggerating if you believe that to be true. And if you're not exaggerating then it's entirely likely that the jugglers who play arena the most (and therefore who you'd play the most) are the ones who are best at it. So, like I said before, most jugglers can't do that; only the ones who've practiced it thousands of times can. Over 100 games. Because I was going for the stupid Arena Champion or whatever achievement. And no, I didn't fight the same people more than twice. Nice flawed argument. I am done posting in this thread, which should be locked, by the way, for now, since the pro-juggling side has no possible counter-arguments that haven't already been disproven.
  21. I don't know who you've been playing, but it wasn't an average juggler. I'll repeat if you want me to but only the people who've practiced it a few thousand times can do anything close to that I'm guessing that's why most everyone I played in arena who juggled 8 months ago was able to do it and take down half of my health.
  22. ... at-e3.aspx Yee haw
  23. lolno. Hardly anyone can consistently take over half of the health of the opponent's down. Only the people who've practiced it a few thousand times can do anything close to that. Although of course, your claims don't count for much since you also once claimed that you frequently were killed in one combo before. I don't know what game you've been playing, but it hasn't been Castle Crashers.
  24. I did this: And this: