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  1. what about problem solvers? NO. NONONONONONONONONONONO. NOOOOOO. That show is TRASH.
  2. Steam has been going offline about every two minutes for a minute each time for the past hour or so, or it just hasn't been on. This will be a very interesting and broken-up conversation if Steam isn't up by then. It is just you. I've only lost connection once.
  3. Here's the thing, though: SSMM actually works on a mobile device. CC and AH really wouldn't work on a touch screen/cell phone device.
  4. Would've been better if the whole video didn't consist of ear-piercing screeches.
  5. Rayman. Its a remake of Rayman 2 (Which was for the N64), which was an amazing game.
  6. I'm sorry. You have been rejected from the Common Spelling Sense league.
  7. Honestly, it got really repetitive after awhile. There aren't any abilities, but there are items that cause different effects. The whole dungeon system was cool, but you can only run a certain number of floors every day, since they cost energy (Cap is 100, and it regenerated fully every 24 hours. You can buy more energy that doesn't count towards your cap for real money or game money).
  8. A guy down an alley in the big city (the one with the fancy camera angles) give it to you. He automatically talks to you if you run past him.
  9. I hope this game bombs so badly that it ends up killing whoever at Microsoft approved it.
  10. I can't believe Microsoft would even let a game like this be released on their console. I know they're bad at just about everything but.... seriously.
  11.!5787103/padded-biki ... ideo-games What is the point? Someone tell me.
  12. Interesting combination. Here's another one. ... e=Weldone# No. Halo is not interesting.
  13. Madbest's face during all of this:
  14. ... =Fluffbuns Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  15. That's like asking the person who's number 1 on the story mode leaderboards whether or not the 256 glitch is okay to use. It's also like saying that if the President wanted us all to shave our heads and give our hair to him so he can build a hair castle, we should.
  16. I am streaming myself finishing the best picture in existence. ... laboratory
  17. I'd much rather them be working on BBT than ANYTHING Castle Crashers.
  18. guyz i drawed sawnic
  19. If you've heard Lustmord and don't like him, you should still listen to this. Its incredible. It picks up as it goes along.
  20. Probably because you're streaming to a forum that has 5 active members. Shhhhhhhhh, dear. I like to pretend I'm popular. That's why I wear all this makeup.
  21. Here's what I drew while streaming last night because NO ONE WAS THERE. ... -201875228
  22. yo dawgs mah streem iz up ... laboratory
  23. PREPARE FOR A THREAD NO ONE WILL EVER USE EVER. Post any sketches you're on the fence about/don't think are up to snuff for your normal galleries/portfolios. Then you can see if people like them enough for you to stop being lazy and finish them.
  24. Its time for Doot (the ultimate quiz show), SEASON TWOOOOOOOOOOOO The first question of this season is.... Do the walls have eyes?