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  1. So no one can read it, obviously.
  2. No. Rotation battles are more common in Black, and triple more common in White, but both of them have both. (I've only encountered one of each, though...)
  3. What kind of story would you want in a platforming game featuring a style like the character that is currently serving as my avatar?
  4. I will trade you a shiny Chimecho for that Audino :3 Or pretty much anything else you want that I have.
  5. You're missing out. Most of the new ones are awesome. I'm sorry that they're not like the old ones. Get over it. PS: They're not going away. They're going to be in every single pokemon game that comes out from now on.
  6. Teehee. I read your previous post as this: Don't ask me how.
  7. I have no idea how you've managed to pull all of this from me showing how a Castle Crashers MMO would not work without completely changing the gameplay and then me responding to your comment by saying that the current metagame of Castle Crashers is built around juggling.* * Which is being completely neutral. I love Starcraft 2, and I could say that the current metagame of PvZ revolves around 4gate and collosus/voidray. And its true. While I hate fighting 4gate and collosus/voidray, that doesn't change the fact that the current Protoss vs Zerg metagame revolves around it. tl;dr I am almost always neutral in the CC forums. I have no idea why people think "OH NO HE'S POINTING OUT THAT JUGGLING IS DOMINANT IN CASTLE CRASHERS! TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL"
  8. Juggle an enemy for 3 minutes to level up your Uncounterable Attacks skill. Collect armor that will make it take longer to die via juggling. While I enjoy the joke, I'm offended that you associate me with this whole juggling vendetta. Its kind of hard not to when talking about the current Castle Crashers metagame.
  9. That Mad Jack remix sounds very Banjo-Kazooie like (which is good, Banjo was so much better than DK64 in my opinion). And I listened to your first song (the other two in the first post apparently have faulty links), and I love it! You'd better make moooooore.
  10. Not necessarily. WoW is actually a LOT of copy and paste. They have a template for each type of character, quests, bosses, enemy, etc. They don't have to program each individual character completely. Also, most of the creatures in WoW are a reskin of some other creature. All of Castle Crasher's creatures were drawn by hand, and even if they share animations, this is ONE guy doing all of it, rather than a whole team of artists.
  11. WoW was also not a beat-em-up. And it also sucks and ruined one of the best RTS series out there.
  12. Its not an RPG-type game. Its a beat-em-up. Adding stuff like this would overcomplicate it, cause tons of imbalances, and it would, seriously, be another Castle Crashers game when we could have SOMETHING NEW.
  13. Juggle an enemy for 3 minutes to level up your Uncounterable Attacks skill. Collect armor that will make it take longer to die via juggling.
  14. That was the single most beautiful video I have ever witnessed.
  15. Emolga is the spawn of the devil. Golurk is where its at. You'll be sad when my Golurk smashes your Emolga into the ground.
  16. I really hate how every single pokemon that every single trainer has in this game has a counter to Ghost pokemon. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
  17. Emolga is the spawn of the devil. Golurk is where its at.
  18. Since no one is entering this I wasted 3 minutes making a new picture for no one to caption! Bigger version: ... ntest4.png
  19. 3) That is called "armor." And it wouldn't really work in this game, since its supposed to be slightly more shooter than RPG. 4) Yes 5) 4 player co-op, more for arena. Having 4 players for co-op was bad enough if any of them were fooling around.
  20. They could always release more, you know.
  21. But of course we all know that the Pink Knight is just a sentient suit of armor. Which means it has no gender.
  22. The same reason they want to wear clothes that reveal 90% of their skin.