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  1. I've actually had a lot more problems with Firefox than Chrome. Plus, Chrome has a much larger display.
  2. Yeah, I tend not to use legendariesI remember once one of my friends wouldn't shut up about how awesome he was at the game, so I challenged him to battle. Both our teams averaged at around lvl80, so that wasn't too bad...except for the fact there was only one Pokemon in his team that wasn't a legendary, and that was his starter (Feraligator ). So, as is the norm when going up against legendaries you're not expecting to go up against, I got owned After he beat me, he wouldn't accept a re-match under my rules (no legendaries, for example), but thats probably because he doesn't own any other, non-legendary Pokemon >lvl50 What a way to suck the fun out of the game My friend and I battled a lot on the bus last year. His team ALWAYS had at least 1 legendary in it, but one time he had Kyogre. I had an Electivire, which despite landing 2 super effective hits, only took away 1/3 of its health. Then it proceeded to kill the rest of my team because nothing could do enough damage and it killed everything (even pokemon resistant to water) except Blissey in one hit.
  3. Morgan Freeman, Abraham Lincoln, Benedict Arnold.
  4. You smell like crumpets. It is Jimmy.
  5. That depends. Would you call it a Let's Play or would you call it something that isn't both contradictory* and moronic sounding? * - only one person playing (What games would you play through?)
  6. This is news to me. I have an xbox, I just don't have a lot of the fancy pants shooters and stuff everyone else has. Most of my games are usually looked over (see: Brutal Legend) or primarily single player (see: Fable 2 and 3). But we could have a Pokemon tournament, since a lot of people have that here, or everyone could be cool and go get one of the two Starcrafts and we could all play that.
  7. I don't see how that has anything to do with you being mostly an Xbox player.
  8. Unfortunately I don't play PC games besides one or two. I'm much more of an XBL player. Why would the tournaments have to be limited to PC games?
  9. The only thing I could really do is stream games or drawing. If more people had the same games, we could do tournaments and community-game-together days.
  10. All of Rare's games have had amazing soundtracks. Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, and both Banjo games had music that fit the theme of the world/level perfectly. (Conker's music was usually too quiet to be much of a factor, sadly, anywhere other than the overworld)
  11. I honestly haven't looked at my post count in a few months. And if they want to bring up a topic that's been discussed hundreds of times, then I will act like I've seen the same topic been brought up hundreds of times. Maybe the lack of smilies and tildes is what makes you people think I'm a grumpy man. I shall post like this from now on~
  12. I pride myself in the fact that I get to tell people to use the search function, yes. But then again, there's a lot of members here who are worse, or just plain annoying, such as.... MadBestKiller and xTacox (or something about tacos and the letter x) both brag about being "castle crashers masters" in just about every single post they make. TFK's recent posts aren't really any better. Most of his are him either white knighting or showing off his Supreme Castle Crashers Knowledgeâ„¢. Then there's always the huge mass of people who join for one of two reasons: To ask for a free copy of CC (or the Behemoth Loves Me! thing). To troll. Edit: I forgot to mention Zag. Teehee. And take a look around. Both TFK and myself have contributed multiple times to the forum, just like most of the other "elder" members have. I think that some of us have just been grumpy recently, so we've come off rather rambunctious. * - crudeness
  13. I guess the easiest thing to do would be to disable the main story while in co-op mode, and maybe have a few quests that are co-op only. Otherwise the guest player could accept/complete any quest they're eligible for.
  14. No. And all of the characters can have the same stats, so they Grey Knight isn't any worse than the starting knights. They just have different magic.
  15. I don't see why we'd be secretly hoping for it. If they do do co-op, I wonder how quests would work. Would the guest player get credit for any quests completed? Or only if they're currently on that quest themselves?
  16. PLEASE before june, at least. six months late is long enough. if all else fails, finish what you're working on, and release other ideas as DLC Now, now, that's what Microsoft had Lionhead do with Fable 3, and its pretty obvious how rushed the game felt.
  17. Well, how do you think this might get interesting? Kayak. Race car. Hannah. Do geese see god? And poop.
  18. Saphire. It was the first one I played seriously, and personally I like the style of pokemans from that generation the best.
  19. Basilisk, attachment #2 was amazing. You win forever. Here's a new one for you to MURDER with words. You can mash around the old ones like Basilisk did, too, if you're a poser and are posing after him. I shall also plug the latest comic here.
  20. ...what? Just because they didn't show the UI doesn't mean its streamlined... I didn't say anything about the UI, I'm talking about Combat. In an earlier post I expressed my irritation that they removed even more skills, which in my mind meant less depth. After seeing in game combat I realize they streamlined it for a reason. In the few non cutscene combat scenes I notice -Dual wielding Magic Staffs and Swords (as opposed to having to switch between them) -Special kill moves (as opposed to enemies just ragdolling) -A better 3rd Person view complete with better combat animations -More visceral Bows -Bioshocky looking hand effects for magic I was worried the game would have less depth. After seeing the trailer I realize they're streamlining the RPG elements so that they can offer a better all around experience from combat to animation. Yes I'm making assumptions here, but the game looks pretty and I'm actually interested in it after this trailer. I don't expect it to be as RPG-y as morrowind, but it looks like that won't be a problem. That's the "making everything easier to use" streamlining, not the "simplification" streamlining (which you made it sound like you were referring to). I don't think that any of the RPG elements will really be removed, but maybe made more subtle and easier to use.