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  1. I have a Speedstream Siemens 6520, and every time i try to join a party, or play CC online, it rejects me because it says i have a really bad NAT setting, if anyone can tell me how to get the IP of my modem (ive done it before in MSdos, but i cant remember the dam command), and open my NAT settings, ill be really great full thanks in advance to anyone that awnsers
  2. banned for spycheck winning
  3. Banned because my back hurts
  4. banned for being a hypocrite
  5. banned for having no emotions
  6. your banned because u didnt say it with love like the lurker does
  7. Banned because i will it to happen!
  8. banned for nut putting smileys in your post
  9. Just as i was about to play spore, and a wide range of other games. My graphics card drops out now i need a new one but i wanna play spore bad
  10. Hmm i hope its coming soon. give it a month, maby a month and a half, probly more. and they will release it
  11. Noooooo! id die if DanP betrayed us and made a 3d game (unless it was REAAALY good) The whole reason i play CC is because of the Pseudo 2d experiance! Lol ill kill him and take his Dev Kit if he does
  12. Lol, If all 4 princesses WERE playable, it wouldent be to bad, running round as a crazy balloon princess, killing all the bad guys, Merc princess? and thier magic would be the best there is (of course thier def, and str wouldent be the best) and agility would be up aswell And if they were kissing? hell yeah!! id playthrough as a princess to see that moment hahahaha