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  1. All hello kitty games + kirby air ride + littlebigplanet = best game ever..... or Halo + Resistance 2 + Kirby air ride + GOW2 = game 3
  2. Bill gates pays everyone 5 million dollars for stating that you hate the PS3! no jk..... if you dont like the PS3, don't say "PS3 sucks so bad and Xbox360 PWNS ALL" now nobody said exactly that but some what near that. Can ppl just say "I dont think Game 3 should be on PS3, i think that it fits Xbox360 better"?
  3. NAME: Hot Dog WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: He is Ovalish Like and is hot dog color STARTING WEAPON: a ketchup bottle. shield is a bun SPLASH MAGIC: Produces Food Around Him RT-B MAGIC: Throws a Hot Dog RT-A MAGIC: Gets Propelled by a strand of ketchup beneath him. JUMP MAGIC: 7 is the luck number
  4. i dont agree with this Wii nonsense, i know its a great system (i had it a while ago) and i know about everyone in the world has, had or is going to get a wii, but i dont think castle crashers is a game fit for the wii.
  5. Thank god someone here knows what they are talking about. I agree with Moose, the PS3 is a great system, its got a lot of good points about it that the 360 doesnt free online blu-ray rechargeable controllers (you get this at the start) six axis nicer community (that what i think personally) doesnt make any noise when running silvery looking now, i not saying that the Xbox 360 isnt a lot worse then the PS3 i happen to have both myself. They are both great systems. Xbox360=Better Games, Larger Community PS3=Better Hard Ware, Blue-Ray
  6. Platformer = Level Editor + Multiplayer If it is a platformer i hope it has that...
  7. i would rather have this then my game idea, but this would take a very long time to make/perfect, but totally be worth it....
  8. if i was a mod i would lock this as a duplicate, but that is not my job, you can see a stickied one that is pretty much the same as this topic....
  10. What if The Behemoth made a 3rd person shooter that had the art of castle crashers????? wouldn't that be odd? (sorry kelly for posting a bad topic ) YAY FOR STICKY THOUGH!!!! Oh crap, looks like 2 mods are mad at me sorry chicken (he beat me to the punch)
  11. i think your right, but it would be more costly and more time consuming to not make a CC 2 becuase if they made a CC2 the popularity of the game would rush in faster.
  12. What if The Behemoth made a 3rd person shooter that had the art of castle crashers????? wouldn't that be odd?
  13. No! It shall be the exact opposite... A RTS!! it would be hard to make a RTS with the artstyle that The Behemoth has to offer.