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  1. why must trolls be trolls??? its so anoying
  2. its ok its ok every little things gunna be all right. but any way it dosnt really matter you/he made a mistake every one makes them
  3. Hey Ryfunk we welcome you to the comunity and i look forward to playing online with you.
  4. i am 90% sure it was dream um nvm it was dream and remember I JUST STARTED MAKING THESE IM A NOOB OK jeze ppl need to read more.
  5. can u please give me a link to some CC renders????
  6. o ok thank you lol this is also my 3rd or 2nd day here
  7. this is my star wars one right now im gunna work on a cc one and i would very much like it if you would tell me how to download fonts cuz i cant find out how
  8. thank you very much this is my second sig i started yesterday
  9. thank you ive just been looking at tons of them and its easy for back ground hard for the thing with the r well the picture
  10. hey this is my galery or w/e and also please coment them and rate them i will tell u when more go on to my photo bucket page!!!!!! this one i was board still looking for CC renders so i made this cuz i had one of MC so there ya go anuda one http://s365.photobucket.com/albums/oo10 ... popout.jpg heres my epic pop out sig
  11. hey yea um when i went to Photo bucket to up load it it said it was the wrong kind of file so help please i dont know what to do
  12. Hey um i have a question i got gimp (on pc) and started making some cool ( one so far) sigs and i really like the sigs im thinking of and i am wondering how do i upload them from gimp to somthing like behemoth cuz its not filed under a pic so please help me out i really am wonder how to do this. please dont troll me on my gramar nor spelling
  13. HOLY CRAP MAN thats awsome thank you so SOOOOOOOO much but how do i add it to my sig?
  14. um yea i got it from a chest drop on theifs forest ... yea or i might not of seen the lvl 99 who was runing us through the game pickup the weapon from the chest before us