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  1. Wardy

    You're banned!

    banned because u dont like my visiting hours
  2. Wardy

    You're banned!

    banned for being on the throne
  3. i recon we should have more englsih mods to look after the amaerican posting cause we have american mods lookin after the english posts whilst we be asleep
  4. y r we apreciating england there aint nothing good about it no more
  5. well done dood ur dreams have finally come true
  6. i think it is an epic way to get started on g-tar u need to think of it as a tool of teaching overall i think it is a good idea
  7. that they r my friend i wouldnt mind doing a remake of that its just that the laptop im on now is a tempory netbook so im unable to make shizz atm
  8. hard to beleive this thred has been going scince the start of the forums this is epic and 1002 pages this soooooo beats the ur banned thred and school is nothing compared to the stupidity of a sixth form
  9. Wardy

    You're banned!

    banned for not killing this thred like the three word story
  10. ty dood ur comments r welcome i also put up a pic of an ultimate band made up of gaming characters
  11. the number of times the three word story or the ur banned thred has been attempted to be stoped by people
  12. Wardy

    You're banned!

    banned for having extreamly cute pandas
  13. Wardy

    The Fail Game

    fails because jack sparrow used them for an unbeleivable escape attempt tachikomas
  14. i agree ur work is highly made of awesomeness however u have not included my favorate character stove face but otherwise truly awesome work