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  1. Banned because I am not enjoying your pikachu.
  2. Banned for breaking your own ban rule.
  3. Good golly holly, YOU again!?
  4. Main 1 Character - Brute Lvl - 99 Weapon - Necromancer's katana Pet - Hawkster Insane mode - Nearly beaten Main 2 Character - Killer Beekeeper Lvl - 40 Weapon - Black rising star (Or the black mace if you will) Pet - Giraffey
  5. It WOULD be a good idea, except it would simply end up being a mountain of recolored grey knights. I don't know, I for one don't approve of recolors.
  6. Banned for being utterly green.
  7. The world could use more dad's like this.
  8. Banned for an unoriginal reply.
  9. Banned for banning nice people.
  10. Happy Birthday Danny boy! Your existance has brought meaning to many lives!
  11. Banned for three consecutive smilies.
  12. Granted, except you're wings are made of butter and you're friends are fans of greek mythology. I wish I had a tablet.