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  1. Great game. It was unfortunately on the short side, but the world in it is absolutely amazing. I ended up stopping a lot just to look at all the different structures and art direction of the game. Not to mention it's top notch voice work, great story, and possibly the best soundtrack ever. Awesome shirt TMF!
  2. Very epic. His eyebrows are hairier than my beard! Awesome. =D
  3. You and me both, played the demo yet? On topic: NSMBW box art looks much better than what I was expecting, very colorful! Can't wait to play.
  4. I know I'm late with this, but I was at my brother's for near a week due to unfortunate circumstances. He lacks the internet as well . That aside, I hope you had a happy birthday Dan! And while I'm at it (since I'm not entirely sure who to thank for this), thank you/Behemoth for the "Skeleton Battle" shirt! It was kindly sitting in my room waiting when I got back from my brother's today, so that cheered me up rather nicely.
  5. Dan showed whats what without even saying a word.
  6. That raised my eyebrows as well, as he's scratch free when escorting the princess in the end.
  7. (Awesome topic is awesome) No developers have been as incredibly generous as you guys have been these past years. Thank you guys for everything Behemoth, and congrats on 1 year with CC!
  8. And this couldn't have been said in an existing topic?
  9. Gotta say happy birthday to Castle Crashers. I already got the game, so I'm not worried about the code, simply giving birthday wishes and saying thanks for everything Behemoth.
  10. Uh oh... words are being misspelled and I'm seeing double topics. What's in this birthday punch?!