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  1. I guess a traveling video game expo is going to start in Kentucky worth checking out if you live in that area.
  2. ok, I am not trying to ask "hey are you making X game for X new handheld" I simply want to know Do you have a dev kit for either system!? Reasons you would want to tell us 1. it will make us more confused / make more rumors 2. we will all be happier knowing that if you feel the urge you could make a 3DS/NGP game 3. you dont even have to tell us what Dev kit you have.. 4. creating a Buzz 5. because tomorrow is saint Patrick's day so I probably wont remember anything anyways. (green beer/green Knight day)
  3. see I almost bought that then I missed the sale on it, next time it goes on sale I am getting it for sure.
  4. anyone know any similar games to fat princess or castle crashers on PC like a multiplayer type game. I love fat princess, and castle crashers but im looking for something that I can take with me (other than fat princess on psp)
  5. Super Mario Sunshine! jk
  6. craigums

    A Aaaa

    ha that is what i was gonna say !
  7. awesome! i may have to try that then!
  8. so is it worth the ten bucks then? will it help me with an xbox 360 controller to make the d pad work. the program I have only lets me use the joysticks
  9. I just downloaded something called joytokey 2 hours later I got a virus warning, does anyone know of something that wont make my computer sad ? even tho the joytokey worked pretty well
  10. theres a place in columbus called dirty franks, i just got a vegan chille dog, vegan sonic would be happy
  11. craigums

    Fat Princess

    I guess i shall post here as Sushigummy has spoken! anyways anyone want to form a team or anything im looking for players my girlfriend and i play pretty often usually... and shes really good at it we usually just do the building aspects of it so if you need any workers let me know
  12. my co-worker just told me that NBA ballers is the worst game of all time, figured id share it here... hes actually playing it right now... it looks pretty bad
  13. I'm hoping to find a few people and possibly get a team going rather than hopping online with randoms and watching them kick the ball in our own goal!