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    make me one with a chicken pleeeeeaaasssee they are my favorite animal!
  2. lol, i wanna talk like that my name is josh im cool i have 3 dogs theyre cool also discuss
  3. weeman188

    sif help

    go to user control panel up in the top right then its pretty self explanatory from there.
  4. eh, not working for me, a little but its just not there lol.
  5. i might go back to castle crashers when they unleash some new things but for now, its only call of duty world at war for me
  6. not to burst ur bubble but that would never happen, they only work with xbox360 sad face to the extremist i know.
  7. i think i have ocd, i cant use someone elses bathroom unless i look behind the shower curtain........did i say that out loud?
  8. ive already tried that and it didnt work for me...
  9. this game KICKS A$$ AND THEN SOME!!!
  10. try calling 1800-4 my xbox ask for an agent it should help
  11. had the same problem, twice!
  12. i dont think they will do that, consaidering they want something new, and nintendo has already got that idea down, so thats one off the list, lol.
  13. lifetime is the time games you played, correct. other than that i dont understand either.
  14. i suggest finding an image of him, saving it, and blow it up in paint, then examione his face.