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  1. Wait Whales poop out of there blowholes?
  2. Chexlr

    256 Glitch?!?!?

    Err yeah lots of hackers messing with the game I hate it though..
  3. Because I think mines kinda terrible :/
  4. I'll sign Imma HUGE FAN of The Beekeeper I wan't him to be THE best or 2nd best
  5. Man I hope they will have another kiosk during E3 because if they did I would beg my parents if I can go to E3
  6. Chexlr

    Delete game

    Yeah this happened similar to me but instead i had everything but I lost all my gold and my weapons this is why you don't play with lvl 1 people and your lvl 79 but yeah I suggest wiping it from your hard drive and then re download that might work
  7. I think so far this rivals CC i don't know for sure yet but it seems like there at a pretty even match at the moment
  8. I have a great idea maybe we as a forum can make a fan based version of Castle Crashers you know make the whole Demo Version and put it on New Grounds It might seem long and impossible but I think we can do it
  9. Hopefully we should go on the Behemoth Chat sometime maybe play on Live this weekend
  10. Teh Corn Boss is more godly then the Ice King
  11. Hello I need someone to help me beat the game on regular mode so I can get the beekeeper it is currently 1:11 PM Pacific Standard time and I am willing to play at 6:00 Pacific Standard time, my gamertag is CAWservant
  12. are you talkin bout the black katana thingy? cause theres another obsidian sword that u get at the volcano store
  13. uhhhh u get that from teh volcano store....
  14. uhhh there's no necro sword out yet..
  15. Then wouldn't the groom be marrying a boy not a girl? O_O There are some things people though. Like the groom wanting the princess, and the cyclops was in the bathroom, cryin'. Ehh that reminds me of a taylor swift song