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  1. Thoughts and opinions? What will happen to BattleBlock?
  2. If only we knew how long Behemoths contract with microsoft was
  3. Go on the video I posted and visit his channel
  4. This guy uploaded 4 of the songs ingame. INCLUDING THE TITLE THEME <Link to the title theme
  5. You played the beta story, you tell me Or was the story not completed? First level and a quarter of the second. :/
  6. Do it quick, slide in, make sure nobody's looking. It's our secret..
  7. I got my points ready for this, can't wait
  8. I remember seeing somewhere that there is 450 levels, but i'd like someone to confirm this.
  9. Will we be seeing this game being ported to other consoles or computers? Maybe when the new gen of consoles comes out?
  10. With the Ps4 and the new Xbox coming around the corner, do you think TheBehemoth have any plans to porting it to the new generation of consoles and PC? Hopefully we don't get a port as late as we did with CC