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  1. Tag: LoS 017 Type: Anything Hardcore Time: As soon as I get my xbox to monitor cable.
  2. LoS_017

    Insane Mode CC

    Hey, I finally want to finish the whole game on one of my characters but seeing as my friends don't have the game and there aren't any decent people online that don't hack I thought I would try here. I have a 90 or something Red Knight and I want to finish the game on Insane, I'm at the Factory I believe. If you wanna play send me a message saying so my GT is LoS 017
  3. Check out the plvling guide in my sig for all the ways that I do it
  4. Hey, you can check out the leveling guide I made a long time ago. (link in sig) Feel free to add any of the information that I added or simply a link if you want. Nice guide though.
  5. I vote sticky. Allthough I have a feeling that most of the people are just going to read this and go do it. Because people are stupid like that. Thanks for the advice though. Now I won't have to delete my character because of stupid cheaters who can't play the game.
  6. Weird, sounds like your going to have to clear your character Data.
  7. Hey guys, I'll probably be on xbox live most of this weekend (First time in a while). I'm looking to beat the game on insane possibly and I need some people to play with. I would be using the red knight. Add or PM me if you wanna play GT: LoS 017 See you there!
  8. People are naturally evil. Everything they do is for self gain. Even the people who "give" their lives to help starving African children. Their most likely doing it to make themselves feel better. So this whole idea of having other watch your back is done as soon as your group of back watching friends finds a pile o gold and decides he wants all of it. Wham bam back stab. Metaphorically speaking. I have to agree with feedle here. Clans in Castle Crashers seams pretty pointless. He's got some good points why would you need a clan when you can only have 4 people in one game? Your argument might be so you can find players to play with if the other members aren't on. That's what the forums are for. Most of the time clans are designed because one person wants power so they make a clan so they can boss others around and feel superior. I'm with feedle this is unnecessary. Edit* Also I dislike the name, no offense but I think you could come up with something more creative. Like LoS (Lords of Shadow) haha
  9. LoS_017

    level 264?

    Duplicate thread I recommend the "search" tool.
  10. I can see why your mad. You worked hard to get to the top and had a bunch of nerdy little kids steal it away from you. But is it really worth giving up the game? Maybe, I know that I stopped playing Diablo 2 when my account got hacked and jacked. It sucks I know. I just hope that you'll be playing again someday. But hey you might as well stay at the forums so that I can bother you with logic puzzles. Hang in there.
  11. Banned for owning me with massive amounts of knowledge.
  12. Banned for having over 2000 posts and being a member for less then a year.
  13. Banned because you don't know what Waddle Doo is.
  14. Behemoth did say they wanted to give the DLC's away for free but Microsoft won't let them so he is basically only stealing from Microsoft (Which I couldn't give a poop about) but I see your point. Theft is theft.
  15. Alot of people agree with you Feedle. I for one hate hackers as I've been hacked on many games that I've put alot of effort into only to have all of my data stolen. Hacking sucks and I despise anyone who does it. But seeing as it's only a game I get over it and let the little kids who can't play the game properly have their fun. Everyone knows their just a bunch of noobs who found stuff on the internet.