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  1. Really messed up my topic title there just realized that know fail haha and thank you appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone know for example 12:00 p.m tonight Eastern time or just whenever Behemoth is ready to bring the game server online? (Don't want to pull an all nighter if the game wont be released until late tomorrow afternoon... yes I may be a little excited for this game )
  3. I received my invite today and I applied for it about 4 days ago I think, so if you still haven't got it don't worry it should come. My buddy just got back from Mexico today and he was still allowed to sign up so they obviously have not sent out all 10 thousand yet.
  4. From the achievements it shows you can trade weapons and find new ones. Do you think you can also buy weapons in a merchant store kind of like castle crashers and in that case what kind of currency will there be for the game?
  5. They send it to the email account you used to sign up for the forums or the alternate way and my most favourite... carrier pigeon!
  6. I need me some BattleBlock... I don't want to have to go outside! Love me Behemoth love me and I will love you forever
  7. Everyone stay calm they will come, and rejoicing will be had. Then I will have a sweet sweet game to play and never again will I have to go to class or do homework... well until the beta ends.
  8. Either way if I get in or not, this game looks like a blast! It has been way to long since a great co-op arcade game has come out, I have way to many arcade game but this one looks like it could be a favourite for sure. (Yes a little sucking up never hurt anyone okay and everybody's doing it get off my back Mommm gosh!)
  9. Just got my equipment (Pro tools, Mic, Pre amp) Now I have to make music! Is soundcloud the best place to post or youtube? I feel like soundcloud would be a hard place to get followers?
  10. That comic book looks awesome! Wish I knew how to draw, so I could make cool cover arts of a variety of things I like. Stick with stick men for know.
  11. I am sure it has already been made.. but I want to see a little master chief one.
  12. I like the game mode ideas of the first post, would like to see some more dlc out for this game! It was so good!
  13. I loved Castle Crasher's so much, and I hope a second one comes out down the line. Until then though this game looks sweet, cant wait to try it out!