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  1. Why don't you guys stop and see what you are guys should be lucky that they are giving us dlc they could be dicks about it and just say screw it...personally i think whats taking so long is they are maybe adding another character or weapon or something besides necromancer pack for dlc to be nice to us but they are probably thinking about if you balloon knots deserve it seriously just wait play something else it'll come out when they're ready to release it you think i like waiting...NO i don't but we have to so yah

  2. k i do this to lvl fast i got the king today and have him at 99 already

    k i beat the game on normal and i was lvl 28 max def and some points in magic and agility and when i got done beating it then i went to insane played through got to troll boss (thieves forest boss) and fought the troll boss just juggling his minions and i went from 30 to 52 the first time i fought him the from 52 to 70 then 70 to 81 then 81 to 90 then 90 to 99 and i didn't put my points in str till i hit 99 thats grinding right cuz people tell me i'm cheating, modding, glitching and i personally think that is grinding hardcore but if that is cheating in any form i'd like to know so i don't get in trouble i like to play legitly thanks for reading