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  1. nice list gotta give you that got everything right on the dot just for the record brutes are the poop
  2. dude could you make a sig for me one with brute holding the sausage weapon with the spiky def pet with guyver of war (my gamertag) on it that would be cool as hell
  3. same thing in my book one word for it all....cheating
  4. thank you at least someone agree's with me all these glitchers and their grey knights...i don't wanna say any names but i can give ranks right...look at 23 all the way to 29 kk
  5. k i was just playing and some kid threw a boomerang at the first guy that comes outta the sand and shoots poison at you at the desert lvl and kept getting xp like what people did with catfish. can you guys try to fix this cuz i'm rank 80 on leaderboards legitly and i'd like to keep it and if people keep doing this its gonna screw them up even more sorry for giving people idea but i really hate people who do this....people also keep sayin i did it cuz i got my king to 99 today but i just grinded for 4 hours thnx
  6. i need to beat insane i got 99 brute it is 12:24 here Jan 13 i'm at lava world but i'll start anywhere
  7. i'm up for it too lvl 99 brute its hard to find people to play cuz they all want ran through normal so they can get another character
  8. kk thnx oh and if anyone needs help getting weapons or anything send me Friend request i'm usually on alot and i like to play insane mode
  9. k so when does it come out exactly? i know everything that is in it i've seen people playing new characters and weapons on youtube so it can't be too far from comin out right?!?!