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  1. phire phr33

    Im playing again

    I am now playing castle crashers once again. I will be doing insane mode run throughs+ all weaps and animals. Just send me a message on XBL. My gamertag is I Warthog Rush. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 256s allowed!
  2. phire phr33

    What exactly does the Painter Boss say?

    opening- my art will be your demise closeing- it was something i made
  3. phire phr33

    Beaten Insane mode? Gold Skull.. Post your pics

    i have beaten insane with: bear/panda ninja eskimo blue knight red knight orange knight green knight thief fencer industrialist alien beekeeper brute sarcen
  4. phire phr33

    Leaderboard Level Error?

    if what your saying is true then i could reset my industrialist. then i could play as beekeeper and he would be on leaderboards:) im not taking that risk though
  5. phire phr33

    ive had this problem twice

    i clicked make new thread instead of post reply y do they put them together??
  6. phire phr33

    Hackers ruining leaderboards!!!!

    wiping leader boards is a bad idea. even though the leaderboards are gone, if you play a game with the character it would be right back up on the leaderboards because it would keep its xp.
  7. phire phr33

    a catapult bug

    this has happened to me on that level and on lava world at dragon boss. i think it is cause by sandwichs also because i used one before dragon boss and i got stuck and i could walk off of ramp. i don't have a definite answer as to what caused this but its not a major issue so don't worry about it
  8. phire phr33

    glitch get rid of plz

    the grey knights didnt glitch they hacked. the hack allows their grey knight to have 16.8m xp when they start the game.
  9. phire phr33

    Meh, leveling question

    no, in first level, the castle, barbarians have 50 hp. they will always have 50 hp no matter what. the only way to make them harder is go to insane mode where all the enemies, save for some( such as volcana boss)
  10. phire phr33

    What is the best wepon to use in the game?

    there is no "best weapon" in castle crashers. only options. there are a variety of tasks and no 1 weapon can accomplish them all better then all the others. the kings scepter may be decent, but its stats are average and will leave you lacking a heavy damage skill. another weapon many people like is the necromancer sword. this is a waste of your weapon due to its bonus. insane mode is all about offence due to the large damage the opponents deal. in normal mode the +7 defence will matter due to it beaing almost 10% of the damage dealt upon you. in insane mode enemies can deal over 200 and 7 less damage will not make a difference in the long run. top choices: morning star:good for industrialist, panda, red knight, beekeeper, criticals make it better then unicorn horn as it has same stats black mace: all around good in insane mode, allows arrows to deal 6 more NG gold sword: new weapon, highest str boost fishing rod: cause we all like a good laugh
  11. phire phr33

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    i originally found out about this site looking for info on the dlc. Fav characters: Red knight- multiplayer battles industrialist- bosses/insane mode panda/bear- good all around fun cause of all the glitches fav pet: hawkey giraffy meowburt
  12. phire phr33

    Find people to play CC with here!

    i will help any1 beat any level as long as you can speak english and have a mic. message me in xlb. i will also do insane mode
  13. phire phr33

    A Quick and Easy 1-20 Leveling Guide

    the giraffe is only a 10% boost to xp