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  1. Yep, I need help machinimating after a year of my last time asking for help. Anyways, here's the characters I need, and when I'll need them: Fencer(which I'll use all the way through) Red Knight(beginning and end of filming) Green Knight(middle of filming) Grey/Gray Knight(beginning of filming, I don't care if he's open-visor or not) Peasant(Beginning and middle of filming) I just need 3 or 4 different areas to be filmed in. Just stay on task and do what I ask you to. Send a friend request to my GamerTag, along with a message saying what character you have that I need: B1ll1amH (note: If I tell you a particular character is in use by someone else, stick around in case someone doesn't show, I may still need your help)
  2. Level 256 is a glitch started by hackers, who infected other accounts. So if you played with a 256 recently, that's why. I think there's a guide on how to un-infect your account.
  3. Don't worry, it comes out tomorrow. l8r
  4. I think something else is up. I can't use my right click while I'm here, so I can't copy/paste codes. I tested out on search bars and other sites, and it works there. Crap
  5. B1ll1amH

    Delete game

    Take the patch off, play, and hope your save gets corrupted. Then reset your levels.
  6. Only temporary. M­e Y­ou Alie­n Homini­d Castl­e Crasher­s Copy/Paste to use in topics
  7. I had an idea like this once, just never bothered to post it. It should be like this: Lowest Lvl: (here) Highest Lvl: (here) Where it says (here), that is where you put a level. Say you wanted to find somebody from level 78 to level 99. For the lowest level, you would put "78"(this will be the lowest level it can find, and wont search for anyone below 78) and for highest, you would put 99 (wont search for anyone above 99, and you cant set higher than 99, so no hackers). It'd be a good way to sort out hackers, and a good way to find 99s to play Insane with.
  8. Only Be­hemoth employees could give y­ou these answers, and TH­EY might not even know. I'm going to assume yo­u meant how many points he heals on that one. Once y­ou get the King to level 99, use the Black Mace or Unicorn Horn, and grab the Beholder, he only heals about 19-21ish. His spell should have healed 25 at max, but Beh­emoth decided, and I doubt I could ch­ange their minds. Hope I helped yo­u in some way.
  9. I would love it, but when character data gets copied accidentally, thats an easy achievement. So no
  10. OR Go to the Tall Grass Field, and select your sandwhich (you cant equip sandwhiches in the water). Go to the Raiver or Catfish levels, jump in the air, and eat your sandwhich.
  11. Depends For pint sized enemies and bosses, Red Kight. For BIG bosses, Industrialist/Fencer. For Arena, some of the best seem to be Red Knight, Blue Knight, and the King.
  12. http://twitter.com/B1ll1amH Damn you Behemoth, you drew me to Twitter. I am wating to see if you can convert me to Facebookism
  13. Please learn at least a little grammar. HEIN GRAMMAR NAZEEZ!!!1! I do like the Necromancer the best though. Not because he looks cool or whatever, but because him and his minions are a challenge. Plus he has the most kick-balloon music in the game blaring in the background (seriously. everytime I fight him, I turn music volume to max, and SFX to 2)!
  14. Again a nice find feedle! I would say put these in the Tips thread, or bunch all your tips into your own thread.
  15. 1) Transfer your profile and data you want using a memory card, the Xbox 360 Data Transfer Kit (can be purchased with a 120 GB HDD on Xbox.com), or recover it. Either way, you will keep your character levels, animal orbs, weapns ect, since your CC progress attaches to your GT. 2) Go to Xbox.com, and sign in there using the E-Mail you signed up for LIVE with. 3) Follow the instructions found here. Hope this helped!
  16. I just have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm only 12, so I've got a few years left to do what I want!
  17. I use MS Paint and Adobe Fireworks. I love them. I love MS Paint more.
  18. Most people know this, but I've seen this question pop up a bit lately. If you are a Level 99 w/ full stats, if you use a weapon to try and boost your stats farther, it WILL work. When I used the fencer, each time my saws hit, I would probably do about 50 damage a pair of saws. When I got the Beholder and the Black Morning Star, I did about 72 a pair.
  19. Yes, but only a tad bit. Necromaner Sword + Spiny