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  1. Evil Wizard

    Halo 3: ODST

    I loved Halo 3, but this game's disappointing. 1. Beat Campaign on Legendary. [x] 2. Play Firefight until your eyes bleed.. [x] 3. Get all Vidmaster Achievements. [ ] 4. Never look back. [ ]
  2. Evil Wizard

    PS3 Version

    PS3 is friggin' Blu-Ray so of course it looks better. Say, about 25% more sharp?
  3. Evil Wizard

    You're banned!

    I ban myself for pre-ordering ODST from Amazon.com. Now I have to wait until tomorrow because the game didn't come today! I am never buying anything from Amazon ever again.
  4. Evil Wizard

    Level 99 Glitch? UPDATED

    Sounds fishy. Level 99: Alien Hominid Level 64: Necromancer Level 58: Brute Gold: Around 20,000
  5. Evil Wizard

    You're banned!

    You're banned for being a sissy.
  6. Evil Wizard

    You're banned!

    Banned for Level 99ing the Saracen. He looks like a child molester.
  7. Evil Wizard

    The Wedding that Wasn't Meant to Be

    I made this because I had to.
  8. Evil Wizard

    I have teh recolors

    Most of them are really nice, but some are bad quality and some's arms are weird. Good for Microsoft Word anyways. I don't even know how you do that!
  9. Evil Wizard

    DLC Idea: Community Pack

    The Community Knight is the Pink Knight.
  10. Evil Wizard

    Edible wepons

    Um... what are potions for?
  11. Evil Wizard

    DLC Idea: Community Pack

    As my 100th post, I present this idea that I've had for some time. OK, so we have two DLC's out already. However, two characters have yet to be released. You may have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'll show you below. Characters: Pink Knight Troll Weapons: Banjo (Bard's weapon) Thermometer Animal Orb: Shark Squirrel Think it's an idea?
  12. Evil Wizard

    Will I get banned?

    Does anyone know how to back your stuff up?
  13. Evil Wizard


    Make an amount of time or levels to beat before you're done. Simple enough. Just be faithful to your diet!
  14. Evil Wizard

    Ninja Special move O.o?

    I already knew that. List of Rip-off's: 1. Ninja has no sneaky magic. 2. Necromancer has no wings. 3. Evil Wizard was never made into a character.
  15. Evil Wizard

    Castlepedia Cheat Sheet

    Really nice job, except that you should probably have pages 2-3 saved to a Microsoft Word document so that more people, such as myself, can see this. Not that I need to see it, as I know who everyone unlocks and I already have every weapon in the game.