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  1. I said what? Don't leave a pointless post saying Oh nevermind.
  2. 4) Animal Tamer - Ride on all possible mounts - 5 G 5) Defender of the King my @$$ - Allow the king to die - 5 G 6) Wow you're bad - Get the lowest shoot possible from the cannon. Also let the huge scary monster hit you instead of jumping into the river with the deer. 5 G (Opposite of the regular achievement) 7) Swordless Victor - Beat the game without using your sword or weapon of choice. 7)
  3. This isn't a charity. This is a forum. Go out, get a job, buy a membership.
  4. If I have the time I will. I just got mad hw, and should be doing it not being on this site.
  5. Darkshadow gets HIV. Inserts a nickle and jams the machine so nobody can use it.
  6. Banned because this thread is stupid. Yet I still use it every now and then.
  7. Nah bro. There's a difference between being good at a game, and just playing it nonstop.
  8. Congratulations on making a forum topic on useless information that everybody already knew.... KUDOS!
  9. I didn't feel like reading all of these so I'm sorry if it was already said. 1) Failure - Lose a Volleyball game. -5 G 2) Airborne - Juggle enemies across the map and back twice without hitting the ground. 10 G 3) Necrophiliac - Break all of the grave stones and fight all of the Skeletons coming out. 5 G Sorry if you hate them....