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  1. I said what? Don't leave a pointless post saying Oh nevermind.
  2. Unh0lybLinD

    new achievement ideas

    4) Animal Tamer - Ride on all possible mounts - 5 G 5) Defender of the King my @$$ - Allow the king to die - 5 G 6) Wow you're bad - Get the lowest shoot possible from the cannon. Also let the huge scary monster hit you instead of jumping into the river with the deer. 5 G (Opposite of the regular achievement) 7) Swordless Victor - Beat the game without using your sword or weapon of choice. 7)
  3. This isn't a charity. This is a forum. Go out, get a job, buy a membership.
  4. If I have the time I will. I just got mad hw, and should be doing it not being on this site.
  5. Unh0lybLinD

    Off-Topic Quarter machine!(OTQM)

    Darkshadow gets HIV. Inserts a nickle and jams the machine so nobody can use it.
  6. Unh0lybLinD

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    Congrats on having mad level 99s
  7. Unh0lybLinD

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    Harp. I believe..
  8. Unh0lybLinD

    You're banned!

    Banned because this thread is stupid. Yet I still use it every now and then.
  9. Unh0lybLinD

    Post You're Maxed Out Charecters!

    Nah bro. There's a difference between being good at a game, and just playing it nonstop.
  10. Unh0lybLinD

    Castle Wars (online minigame idea)

    Lag is all I got to say.
  11. Unh0lybLinD

    Post You're Maxed Out Charecters!

    I love having myself the level ones!
  12. Unh0lybLinD


    Congratulations on making a forum topic on useless information that everybody already knew.... KUDOS!
  13. Unh0lybLinD

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    wipe it up
  14. Unh0lybLinD

    new achievement ideas

    I didn't feel like reading all of these so I'm sorry if it was already said. 1) Failure - Lose a Volleyball game. -5 G 2) Airborne - Juggle enemies across the map and back twice without hitting the ground. 10 G 3) Necrophiliac - Break all of the grave stones and fight all of the Skeletons coming out. 5 G Sorry if you hate them....
  15. Unh0lybLinD

    Invincible Volcano's and Floating Characters.

    Never happened to me. Sounds awesome!!!