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  1. the ones with less detail and shading are in flash, and the rest are made in photoshop
  2. Yes I do, my facebook page in my sig has a lot of pictures I've posted. Thanks
  3. Hello all, my name is Ryan Fedoryk, I've been a member of the Behemoth forums for a long time now, but I haven't been active for a while. I wanted to post this so I could get some criticism or some fans for my work, tell me what you all think
  4. can u make one of this zombie i made a while back?
  5. fine then the person saying 100 dollars
  6. Kelly is showing the wrath of her new suspensesaber
  7. so do we take votes still cuz i wanna be it one day
  8. Perk: 2x Damage from Weapons (10 atr. points) Weapons: Shot gun, and Shovel Fool
  9. the nuke blew him into space where he talked to a magic monkey
  10. scaler your art is good your getting there did you have your paint.NET pictures on the front page or are they all mspaint cuz i couldnt tell.