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  1. the ones with less detail and shading are in flash, and the rest are made in photoshop
  2. Yes I do, my facebook page in my sig has a lot of pictures I've posted. Thanks
  3. Hello all, my name is Ryan Fedoryk, I've been a member of the Behemoth forums for a long time now, but I haven't been active for a while. I wanted to post this so I could get some criticism or some fans for my work, tell me what you all think
  4. can u make one of this zombie i made a while back?
  5. fine then the person saying 100 dollars
  6. Kelly is showing the wrath of her new suspensesaber
  7. so do we take votes still cuz i wanna be it one day
  8. Perk: 2x Damage from Weapons (10 atr. points) Weapons: Shot gun, and Shovel Fool
  9. the nuke blew him into space where he talked to a magic monkey
  10. scaler your art is good your getting there did you have your paint.NET pictures on the front page or are they all mspaint cuz i couldnt tell.
  11. I think Dan or who ever can should make a Christmas subject on the index, just till january 1rst that way it would lighten up the forums a lil for the christmas feel and people could see ideas for what to get friends, and family for christmas. Just a thought
  12. the guy that obsesses over wierd stuff hmm... I might be able to use you for evil one day I'll keep you in mind.
  13. yeah, i don't know why people are saying $500 you know thats a lie 20-30 seems like a reasonable price
  14. ... knight.gif eh the shotty isn't good at all i could have done a lot better sorry
  15. "I got a parrot it did not say it was hungry, so it died." "I did not lose my leg in vietnam to serve kids all day.","You didn't lose your leg in vietnam","That is what i said." "A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer." "I drank some boiling water 'cause I wanted to whistle." - Mitch Hedberg
  16. that's not what your user name says hey grim
  17. seems like a lot happened , hey guru! I've seen some of your posts Tyndras you seem cool and mecha Mr Nature took credit for almost all of my work so i got mad and took it and left, with half the team(which were my friends).