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  1. Hmmmm. so i guess this contest is a flop
  2. *Passes into 2 year coma out of seeing too much awesome* This is so awesome cant wait to get my hands on it
  3. Aaagh please dont let me be too late My entry: I call him The Blob Soldier
  4. Amax29


    I've attempted to colour my blob, If the colours are wrong ( eg dont make sense) please call me on it. Sucks being red/blue colour blind Heres the link: Edit: now in png format
  5. Do what all great men do. Sew him inhalf Hmmmm.... NO i have left that life behind
  6. I hate 256 hackers, I hate the fact that if I go online to do the campaign with randomers they assume I want to get level 256 characters with them
  7. Spike Knight was my idea He should have a trident.
  8. Amax29


    I saw a topic about drawing blobs and (even though its over) I thought about drawing my own blob, so here it is. Its my Blob soldier
  9. Sharp dome? Spike Knight? It Rymes
  10. Hmmm..... what about The Black knight ...... I suck at names
  11. I really like the Orange knight
  12. Ty Cool and all but let's not forget that this is Mercurarys art thread I kinda like the tag team they have going on