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  1. I thought this was pretty interesting Never imagined him like that What a guy
  2. Implying it's the same as playing with bros in the same room on the same screen. Also implying that playing over the internet has worked for SSB in the past
  3. That's probably not good. Gotta keep a keen eye these days, I'll tell ya
  4. This excludes Lucas's PK Freeze, but nothing else from anyone. Also: PK Flash is the name? Well than just what the hell is he saying? I don't even know, it sounds like PK Pulse to me And I think he meant special moves as in B moves
  5. Oh, blog lies. There are item over $5 I'd never pay $17 for a hat
  6. Babbity - 1 Argument against clones - 0 I still don't like Brawl though
  7. I'm sad. I crafted all of my stuff and have very little vintage items BUT I do have vintage hat, so that's pretty cool I'd like to trade for some of the new weapons, maybes. I don't have much to offer... vintage Natashca anyone? Also Bab: I think I read in an interview the average weapon price is $1.99, and nothing in the store goes above $5.00 I might even buy a couple things. Maybe.
  8. ^ Not pointing fingers or anything but I love how everyone mis hears Ness' voice actor Also, double jump canceling does WONDERS
  9. Mewtwo was basically horrible in Melee
  10. Same and you have to pay real moneyz anyway And maybe .-. What hats are you willing to trade?
  11. Is the store closed for anyone else? And does anyone want to trade a brigade helm?
  12. SSB is all about the faced paced action and quick reflexes You mean Wolf, Lucas, ZS Samus, Toon Link and Ike aren't extremely similar to their original characters? If they spend time to put in characters, they should at least have variety. There's also the little things that just make me prefer the original games over Brawl
  13. The reason everything was slowed down was because of Wifi, not casual gamers. I almost never played online, the lag was horrible Also, I edited my post
  14. I think that Brawl was catered toward the Wii's casual gamer theme It just took all of the competitiveness out of Smash The characters were hardly actually 'new', most are copies Plus most, if not all, of the original characters were modified to fit the casualness of the game. Final smashes. And it's just so slow! Melee/N64 is so fast paced there was hardly any down time but in Brawl it's like a game of chess (exaggeration)
  15. ... Do want! But for $30... I'll pass According to the maker I got the last pair Woah, nice move
  16. I make my cousin rage quit everytime I play him... I'm still not that great though I can only practice against CPUs and they're too easy and un-human like Anyone have practicing tips?
  17. I'd do PS3, seeing how LBP isn't even for PC. Yeah, LBP for PS3 is actually the better version.
  18. I'll reccomend cool stuff and my maps are in my file share I currently have over 100 forge world maps and over 50 gametypes... so if you want the best of the best... add me. I'll try to add everyone here too
  19. Slusheee

    Good games

    Stick RPG, if you're really and truely bored you could spend some time in this game.
  20. Do you mean sound quality of music quality? I had said yes on both Yeah the sound quality sounds better than any DS game I heard
  21. Is it me or does that sound better than most DS games?
  22. Use our evil villian time machine to go back in time to change your join date, but it's forbidden to lower ranked members.