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  1. We got Alien Hominid and Hatty Hattington as playable characters in Castle Crashers for owning both games abd having an achievement unlocked....so will we see Horatio and company in CCR? A simple yes or no from a developer would put this question to rest.
  2. I just read on the wiki that the Behemoth team plan to add new levels to both Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. Is there any truth to this? Or just wishful thinking?
  3. I assume that upon the release of Pit People that a character or characters from it will be playable in Castle Crashers, most likely as a gift for those who own both games. And then as paid DLC for those who don't own Pit People. That being said I would absolutely love, love, love to see more characters added. And I'm talking new characters, more specifically more colored knights. Lets call it the Day and Knight pack which will include; the yellow knight with a sun chest logo and the black knight ala The Forgotten Knight's knight sprite. I'll leave the magic and weapons in the hands of the Castle Crasher God aka Dan Paladin. I think that we can all agree that he is more than capable of pleasing fans worldwide. Another knight that I would love to see was mentioned by a member of these forums and I thought it was awesome. The Brown knight aka the Mustache knight. Simply a pallet swap of the grey knight, only now brown sporting a brown mustache and a mustache comb for his weapon. If these three knights were to appear then IMO this truly would be the Ultimate edition of Castle Crashers! Please make it happen Dan et al and take my frigging money!!!
  4. Sorry for the duped topic, my browser was lagging and I double clicked twice, please close one of these.
  5. I am hoping for thr Pink Knight and Blacksmith armors...some animal orbs and possibly some weapons?
  6. I am hoping for thr Pink Knight and Blacksmith armors...some animal orbs and possibly some weapons?
  7. Something like this guy? http://www.flickr.com/photos/13037164@N07/9274607214/ Have a 2 knight bundle, call it the Knight and Day bundle, a black knight and a yellow night.
  8. I am not artsy either, Just super determined.
  9. Only repaints with a few unique touches. First up is the Forgotten Knight! This is taking long! The damn paint I applied on my first coat reacted with the original paint and it was so messy and so very disappointing. Utterly horrified and completely disgusted, I had to strip away all the applied and original paint and primer. Washed and dried and then let it sit for a week. DISGUSTED! Thursday I seperated the figurine and repainted the parts with an all in one spray paint and primer (Rustoleum paint); white for the base coat. Friday I applied a flat black to the helmet, hands, belt and groin and a gray for the arms and feet and now in three hours I'll apply the final coats. My question to the Forgotten Knight is there a cross or a skull on the chest of your tunic? I am thinking one of the Behemoth skulls would look sweet. I'll post pics of the finished product here in this thread. Second will be the grey Knight. He won't take nearly as long. Lesson learned! Again pics will be posted here when he is finished. Third will be the brown-mustache knight that was suggested and depicted in the dlc request thread.
  10. I waited about 2 weeks with the standard shipping method.
  11. Do not talk. I felt violated after paying for the international shipping and tarrifs on top of everything else...it was gross, but worth it now that I have them here. Fingers crossed for the Blacksmith figurine and a froglett keychain charm.
  12. I bought the open faced Grey Knight helmet and suit and the Orange Knight suit. Gonna buy complete costumes for my daughters and wife; blue, red and green. NEED the Pink Knight and Blacksmith too, okay Dan?
  13. Just got him and he is mint. Very happy. Only need the Necromancer to complete my collection and of course the yet to be made Blacksmith...come on Behemoth!
  14. Froglet! I use him with the Blacksmith. Perfect pairing for me, because my favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is the frog. Does lead to some fighting with my four year old daughter Olivia, because she shares both favorites. I usually end up using the Pink Knight and Piggy at her request. While my eight year old daughter Arwen rocks the Blue Knight and Yeti. Mommy uses the Green Knight and Giraffey. And Abby whose 1 is content to happily hold an inactive controller and watch the colorful chaos ensue onscreen.