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  1. MARVEL VS capcon 2 will be out before this LOOOL
  2. LMAOOOO omfg if you don't find that funny. I mean lmao Halo wars dlc and WAW map pack 2 will be out before like 200mb download LMAOOOOOOO omfg great compant behemoth LMAOOOO
  3. Lmao so halo wars odst will come out before this crap
  4. Lol im sorry if you sell out everything comes out Look at Fallout 3 and maul and even halo and they dont take time at all it just how important you are on MS list and you aren't I mean Lol that like EPIC saying ur gonna get banned for level 100 glitch U aint gettin banned same with ur 256 problem
  5. Im sorry but behemoth sell your soul to microsoft. The maw which came out in jan already on it 3rd dlc and castle coon came out in auguest the 2nd aint even out yet and it already in the game seriously if you dont think something wrong then your not that bright
  6. Yeah but I would also release the dlc not release when everyone moves on from this game. I mean necromancer already in the game it just an unlock key lol and there charging 4 it ill play but l4d is 2gb and it free i mean im saying Lol duke nuken 4 ever willc ome out before necromancer
  7. And you know what funnier it 2gb and it free. Lmao and It valve and they usually take alot longer and btw if you don't know the l4d dlc comes out the 21st
  8. Lmao Idiot that dude is in the top i think 50 of people who were the first to get 256 he not a castlecrasher dev he just some idiot wow your pretty smart I take it you believe in the easter bunny
  9. I did insane with some guy that was 256 with 2 other people I lag out of the game and I go to local everyone 256 Im sad now I wanted to actually beat insane not have all my characters have insane beaten
  10. Nope just involves removing cache and a boomerang and a bat