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  1. fizzy010

    Story Dlc? (Warning Spoilers)

    I was close to tears my self :c
  2. If you have beaten Battleblock Theater, you would know that when the hat landed on Hatty (after the Buckle Your Pants song) it glows green instead of red. Personally, though i don't know what it was supposed to mean, could Hatty possibly still be alive? Maybe the goodness could have revived him! Could this mean a story DLC?
  3. fizzy010

    Odd Glitch, Spoils The Ending

    Were you hosting? Yes, i was, if that helps
  4. fizzy010

    Odd Glitch, Spoils The Ending

    Hi Fizzy -- which level were you playing? Moving this one to technical issues. Thanks! I was playing a level in chapter 2, not sure which, maybe the seventh.
  5. So i was playing co-op story with a friend (Over Xbox Live) and when i exited in the middle of a level, it brought me to the ending cut scene? Sadly, it spoiled the ending for me
  6. So I was on The Behemoth Facebook page, and I saw this comment.