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  1. you forgot the exploding airplane and dogdeball
  2. Personally, I prefer the acid bubble. It can insta-kill enemies if used right (or teammates and yourself if used wrong) and can used for making 4 or even 6 jumps if you know how to
  3. I really want the ending song in the chapter 8 video (buckle your pants), the secret music, title theme, and the music from chapter 8's finale
  4. I just got to chapter 8 and I realized that one of the levels on the progress check thingy outside that level selection was green and previously played and it was a finale level. I played it to see if i could play both or just the one finale level (answer, I could play both), watched the chapter 8 video, and then I came here and posted this I don't know if this is a bug or intended, I believe it is a bug, but I am posting it in case it is a bug.
  5. I bought the game, played the story, enjoyed it, tried to play the PDA games and all that but then suddenly it says there is something wrong with my game data. I've redownloaded AH HD multiple times (even deleted then redownloaded it) but nothing seems to works, can someone help me?
  6. I love the heads but enough is never enough
  7. my brothers had the same question if he can play with me in the beta *Edit* I now know that they cannot so I will lock myself in my Room with my Xbox, they can play the PS3 or Wii, and my profile has a password on it so no playing for them
  8. If there was a CC 2, I hardly believe that it would be about zombies for several reasons. 1. It would be difficult (at least I believe it would be) to get an ideal concept for the story line. 2. the whole zombies "thing" has gone on long enough; I think it would be better if there would be some levels with zombified enemies (like you just finished a level like flowery fields where grey knights follow you and they all die and become zombies in a nighttime version of that same level and can cause a poison status effect or something) If a second CC was made, it would be around less used or original idea like umm... (random idea here) say like there was an evil version of the CC universe and you had to find special artifacts to travel though a vortex type thingy, which is located on the tallest mountain, then you have to play though evil versions of all the levels who have evil versions of all the enemies, who are stronger then their counterparts, and have opposite colors or detail and you would had to fight an evil version of the 4 elemental knights to save a princess corresponding to the color knight you defeated, then had to fight an evil super strong version of the character, or characters in multiplayer, you are playing as to destroy the vortex and save your dimension, (if playing as an evil counterpart you would fight the good version of yourself in the final battle) rather than a zombies based idea. (P.S. I have many random ideas)
  9. I find so much entertainment in this and I don't know why!
  10. I seriously can't wait for this beta, even if I don't get in (I still really want to play the beta though) because it proves to me that this game is growing and advancing.
  11. I know that Hatty Hattington will be an extra character in CC. I also know that there is a supposed DLC for Hatty that was accidently leaked over PSN. However, I have a question. Will people on xbox unlock Hatty from the same means as getting Alien Hominid (getting an achievement in AH HD), or will he just be a DLC for all the platforms? Also, if this is in the wrong forum or a duplicate thread then I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.
  12. I am extremely looking forward to this beta. AH and CC are awesome and from all the time this game has taken so far this game should be awesome
  14. i agree but i would hope for the troll, Prince, or the custom knight option where you can use a paint setting to color a blank knight and then you get to choose the magic attacks (like the poison Splash and the flaming hammer projectile) but you have to own that knight to choose that magic because i love to create new things in games