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  1. Nothing really just look around do some reasearch mabye read the supermods rules.
  2. Alien Homoind should just eat there heads off instead of kissing them be funny.
  3. You get Necrmancer/Wizard...Dragon....CHainsaw/ Gold Mace/ and bloodstaind sowrd and if u have it allready its becuase it was leakd
  4. Nope you just get the king/ grey knight seal and 3 wepons
  5. LIke i said im tradeing all the weps "officaly" out so read my signature and good luck!
  6. The green knight has the differnt YY attack because it was Tom favorite character so he made it do a cool flip
  7. Up for giving away free stuff so add me and ill give you what ever wepon you need.
  8. Needs some work but i could see this going somewhere just make sure you don't over do it like the first cut-scence happends every time I play live on that level.
  9. Might want to go to more detail what kind of guns we talking M60's or a BB gun. and if u get a free t-shirt i call half.
  10. Sure why not "Green knight" im not maxed but thats because I diden't glitch im like 80 something.
  11. Lol, allright thanks was getting worried you can lock this
  12. I trade you what ever you need just send me a message/ Friend request so i have an idea what your looking for and please dont ask em to add you GT: "J CarmineX "