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    Long Time No C

    Nothing really just look around do some reasearch mabye read the supermods rules.
  2. J Carmine

    #1 reason why females shouldnt be playable

    Alien Homoind should just eat there heads off instead of kissing them be funny.
  3. J Carmine

    When do you think the 2nd Dlc will come out

    You get Necrmancer/Wizard...Dragon....CHainsaw/ Gold Mace/ and bloodstaind sowrd and if u have it allready its becuase it was leakd
  4. J Carmine

    Long Time No C

    Nope you just get the king/ grey knight seal and 3 wepons
  5. J Carmine

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    What is your Gamertag? J Carminex
  6. J Carmine

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    LIke i said im tradeing all the weps "officaly" out so read my signature and good luck!
  7. Ya, will see the wepons in DLC
  8. J Carmine

    A Green Knight Theory (not to be racist)

    The green knight has the differnt YY attack because it was Tom favorite character so he made it do a cool flip
  9. J Carmine

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    Up for giving away free stuff so add me and ill give you what ever wepon you need.
  10. J Carmine

    Village Idiots: A Castle Crashers Machinima

    Needs some work but i could see this going somewhere just make sure you don't over do it like the first cut-scence happends every time I play live on that level.
  11. J Carmine


    Might want to go to more detail what kind of guns we talking M60's or a BB gun. and if u get a free t-shirt i call half.
  12. J Carmine

    Insane Anybody?

    Sure why not "Green knight" im not maxed but thats because I diden't glitch im like 80 something.
  13. J Carmine

    What ever happend to updating the front page..

    Lol, allright thanks was getting worried you can lock this
  14. The Characters/Wepons/ and animals orbs havent been updated in ages would b nice to jsut finsh off
  15. J Carmine

    Why cant I get the baseball bat! D:

    I trade you what ever you need just send me a message/ Friend request so i have an idea what your looking for and please dont ask em to add you GT: "J CarmineX "
  16. J Carmine

    Will there be a 3rd DLC?

    The Behemoth stated there only making "2" DLCs which were the 6wepons/4 characters/2pets mabye a secert idk but they cant make a level creator because it would take up 2 much file space. If im wrong I'm wrong then mu research sucks!
  17. J Carmine

    nobody plays this anyways.

    You for the fourth type of person team killers
  18. J Carmine

    Anyone have blood stained sword?

    take his friend request and u can both joni my game ill go get on
  19. J Carmine

    question about DLC

    Sorry if someone allready asked in the past 5 minutes " I did check but dident wear my reading glasses" can u trade DLC wepons? Besides the knigs scepter.
  20. J Carmine

    question about DLC

    Thanks for saving me a three mile walk lol...Appericated
  21. YA sure my GT is....J Carmine so send me a friend request or message so i get an idea who u are. thanks
  22. J Carmine

    Anyone have blood stained sword?

    Ya sure my GT is,... J Carmine ill get on once you reply.