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  1. Was a screenshot of some guy live streaming Exactly Lol whats your problem. Easy things need to be patched
  2. Nothing to back me up, but check out my new sig (: Scams a guy with no remorse and even shows it off... Are you the best businessman in the world??? Official member of the YOLO team.
  3. Was a screenshot of some guy live streaming
  4. Nothing to back me up, but check out my new sig (:
  5. Game is pretty broken. - All to be said - Sorry for quality. This guy was actually streaming, duping hats, glitching blocks, wall glitching, and all these other things.
  6. Alright, we will trade in 2 trades 1000 then 250
  7. And to be fair you can just go in a online game and anybody will dupe weapons for you. I don't think just anyone can get you every head and skin in the game, can they?
  8. What do you mean by that? Im offering item exchange in another game, thats all- plus Im not offering trade in just borderlands.
  9. I ment trade loot in another game, not trade the game. (:
  10. Ok, so I know many battleblock collectors have been looking for this head... So I am willing to trade any amount of gems, and any star heads. It is the only star head I am missing, and maybe we could work something out with an exchange in another game such as borderlands 2 or something. Please leave a reply, or message me on xbox. Gamertag: Czorz