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    Crashing castles of course. Oh and Fallout 3 when I feel like a break from Gears 2 and CC.
  1. IXxChucklesxXI

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    Ok all I need is rubberhandled sword and the rat beating club if your on and have them please pm me
  2. IXxChucklesxXI

    what is your favorite weapon to use?

    Golden Sword when I start new charcater and Black katana when I reach lvl 20. defense +7 ftw!!
  3. IXxChucklesxXI

    Find people to play CC with here!

    Damn it's been awhile since I've been on haha Anywho, I'm up to play so send me an invite anytime today I'll prob be on till like midnight so yeah haha. GT: ixxChucklesxxi
  4. IXxChucklesxXI

    Find people to play CC with here!

    I'll be on in an hour so if anyone wants to start a new character I'd be happy to join
  5. IXxChucklesxXI

    Excuse me Princess!

  6. IXxChucklesxXI

    If You would Like A Castle Crashers 2...

    Aiay (my combination of aie and nay) As much as I love CC I'd rather have a new more intricate game. CC can stick with DLC levels and I can engross myself in Game 3 at the same time
  7. IXxChucklesxXI

    Confessions of an Insane Soloist

    Hahahaha I got the idea from a guy on the old Archspace forums. It's just a different pic of the clown and different font for the words but I like mine better really and ya this is very very helpful for jugglin noobs haha
  8. IXxChucklesxXI

    Confessions of an Insane Soloist

    Bravo sir bravo
  9. IXxChucklesxXI

    Find people to play CC with here!

    I'm gettin on now to, if anyone wants to play just invite me GT is my name
  10. IXxChucklesxXI

    can someone explain

    The Alien is ONLY able to use the blaster. His only major weakness in my opinion
  11. IXxChucklesxXI

    Insane Mode Gathering

    Wow cmon ppl, use the Classified sticky for this stuff! EDIT* Btw.... BAM 100
  12. IXxChucklesxXI

    Multiple characters ingame?

    Perhaps they could make a color difference?? Like make each character a different shade or something
  13. IXxChucklesxXI

    Castle crashers xbox stuff?

    5 bucks says it's completely plain haha
  14. IXxChucklesxXI

    Semi-official CC Forums Signature REQUEST thread

    Btw how exactly do you make your sigs? For future reference
  15. IXxChucklesxXI

    what is your favorite or best character

    I like my Red Knight and Peasant for Campaign gamplay For arena my all time fav is the almighty CONEHEAD!!! muhahahahahahaha he is impossible to juggle and I can spam his jump + RTY as much as I want to piss ppl off