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  1. They almost looks like 2 standard size cabinets next to each other. you can probably just google search for blueprints. I think the hardest part of the project is the wiring for the controllers to the ps3.
  2. I just got the e-mail today, but does anyone know how long it takes for the forum account to be updated?
  3. Cloud (from FF7) Magic Splash: Omnislash Magic Projectile: Meteorain Magic Jump: Climhazzard Sword: Buster Sword the attacks wouldn't take as long as the old game.
  4. Well...You're a "Memberz", so...doesn't that mean you got in? :> idk but i never got an email. if they sent one to me, then i never got one, so they could have the wrong email. Check your spam folder too, it might be in there but they could still be choosing people still
  5. The Hawkster is the best, it brings you health and attacks.