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  1. huh, i accept this challenge, might be fun. Prepare to meet the best bear-fighter fighting the Live-ladders. // Ecole Gamertag: adamhannes
  2. after using tornado, just stand totaly still and use one X attack, then it's back to normal.
  3. ever played arena in WoW? Well worth a sponsorship if you're skilled.
  4. allready there spanking balloon, come join us
  5. nah, if you've cleared the regular game you probably have learned to dodge attacks and will do just fine Tho i might say this since i'm playing the overpowered bear with ram and wooden club
  6. cool, i wanna face dan in arena aswell :/ soo dan, bigger chance to face you if playing 1v1 style or FFA?
  7. So as we all know gamebattles accepted CC into their ranked ladders the other day. And well i just wanna know, who of you guys from the forums are in this ladder and what's your rank so far? I've only just played my first few games so got a place of 26 with 2 win - 0 losses.
  8. I think we've had like 50 of these topics, but if you need my GT it's in my sig.
  9. didnt say it would be easy, just asking mostly. Tho i have seen signs like this on other game forums, like an mmorpg i played some time back, sword of the new world, everyone over at those forums had similuar signs
  10. soo, anyone found or can make a signature in which you know can show which chars you've unlocked, and what lvl hey all are? if anyone does please do tell
  11. barbarian war!!!! i've played that damn map with like a million times now >.< new chars, friends new to game, new chars of friends, random live players wanting to lvl from 1, and so on
  12. i saw here face covered up during my playthrough, tho i thought that it would turn out to be a guy instead of a princess or something, not THAT
  13. another tip on the deer trainer achivement (easiest ever? ), when ever a doorway is aproaching, the light will appear on the ground quite some time before the door comes, just follow the light Also, you can get quite close to the troll, dont be scared also, the maximum firepower achivement is also really easy, aquired in flower fields (or what the name is), just time the push
  14. Well first of all, thanks for a great game behemoth, loving it! But.. I know it's probably early on issues that will be fixed in updates, but at the moment almost every online co-op game you join gets shut down at some point without any reason and you get an error like "game not avaible". Also when trying to search for games you often get an error with "This game is not availble any more" or something similuar. I don't know if everyone has this, but me and a couple of guys from my friends list all have had this problem again and again. Btw, except for this the online mode seems almost flawless, never seen a live arcade game that doesnt lag poop during almost every session before