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  1. granted but u grow so tall that every army in the world starts shootin all their nukes at ur dick and then ur head reaches next to the sun and starts to melt but u can never die so ur just standin there helplessly havin ur head melted and nukes shootin at ur dick i wish i couldnt be any meaner
  2. granted but all the wishes it grants are corrupted somehow someway no matter what i wish 127
  3. granted, they came on 9/1/1 (ten days earlier) i wish that the gas prices never rose
  4. granted but it expires in 1 milisecond and u can never get another one i wish that i could become and iraqi terrorist and blow up the U.S. (im american)........(dont ask).........
  5. granted, but u get banned for having it i wish for herpes not on my dick or mouth
  6. granted but the wish is goin to be ****** corrupted like all the others i wish that the world would end in my lifetime, quickly, painlessly, on a day that im havin a bad day, and that i was havin sex while i did it with hot chix that did not go thru a sex change or were trannys, also that i was eatin a normal pie that nothin had happened to it so i wouldnt die or choke from it and it was a full delicious one and wasnt pumpkin.
  7. wish granted but they're poisened so u die a long very painful death i wish for a pony, a unicorn, and a castle to put it all in
  8. wish granted but it was on the scale when u stepped on it i wish that no one corrupts this wish
  9. granted but the cat gets aids and everytime u look at it u get a heart atk i wish u had no wish to corrupt
  10. ganted but they taste like poop i wish that i had $10 not conterfeit, not stolen, perfectly fine 10$ that cant be touched by anyone or anything but me and that i could duplicate it with my magic powers as many times as i want and my power never ends!!!!!
  11. granted but the second u start playin it u have the urge to destroy so u keep bangin it on ur other guitar i wish i had a doll